Archos to launch 7 Android smartphones this fall

French tablet maker Archos recently announced plans to get into the smartphone game. Now the company, which is best known for making cheap tablets, is promising to deliver 7 Android phones this fall, which is about 4 more than the company has mentioned so far.

Archos, which is best known for making low-cost tablets, also says it’s working on new high-end tablets including models with 3G capabilities.

We should find out more about the company’s plans at the IFA trade show in Berlin in September.

Archos 53

Archos revealed its plans to… announce its plans in an investor document going over the company’s earnings for the first half of 2013.

The company says it will announce 5 new high-end tablets at IFA, and market 6 phones through retail partners this fall.

Archos also plans to introduce tablets designed around certain themes including smart TVs, gaming, and education.

via Eeevolution

  • obarthelemy

    These days, Archos stuff is rebadged 3rd-tier Chinese stuff. The only work they do is pick the supplier, get the wares through customs, and pretend to be doing after-sales service.
    That’s OK though, the low-end smartphone market is booming, Archos actually are following in the footsteps of Wiko, which are hugely successful in France, selling good, not great, phones for $200-ish.
    There’s a 50%-100% markup compared to buying direct from China though. I personally buy direct from Geekbuying, they are an honest outfit with after-sales service actually a fair bit better than Archos’.

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