Verizon joins Ubuntu advisory group: Ubuntu Phone OS coming to America?

Verizon Wireless is the latest company to join Ubuntu’s Carrier Advisory group, which suggests that the US wireless carrier could be planning to offer phones running Ubuntu Phone OS at some point.

Ubuntu maker Canonical introduced the advisory group a few weeks ago as a way for wireless providers to help shape the future of the Linux-based smartphone operating system.

Ubuntu Phone OS

Members of the group get early access to details about the operating system and a chance to provide feedback to canonical, as well as the opportunity to be among the first to offer devices running Ubuntu’s touch-based operating system.

Other members of the group include Deutsche Telecom, Telecom Italia, Korea Telecom, and a number of other companies in Europe and Asia.

Verizon is the first US-based company to join the team. That’s not a guarantee that we’ll see an Ubuntu phone hit the big red network this fall, but it shows that Verizon is taking an interest.

via CNET

  • someone

    Does the phone OS allow you to open a terminal and run the usual commands found in Ubuntu desktop/server? Can you apt-get install at least command line apps and maybe even libraries? It’d be nice to run my Bash and Python scripts. Even compile and run some of my non-GUI C++ software. Too bad bad this isn’t likely. Even Google couldn’t say no to the carriers.

    If I could do that then I might become a Canonical fanboy and use Ubuntu phone OS, Ubuntu Touch for my tablet, Ubuntu Desktop for my PC and Ubuntu server for my home server.

    • b

      do you want to pay for ubuntu server support?

      • c

        What do you mean pay? Not sure what commercial servers tend to use but for a personal home server, Ubuntu server works well enough for not paying for anything.

    • madjr

      maybe you should try the developer preview.

  • Keith

    I saw three relevant points: 1. could be, 2. planning, 3. at some point. Pretty fine sieve there.

  • Indian_Art

    Ubuntu phone is different, hope it does well!

  • Carol

    Will it be possible to install Ubuntu on any phone with Android?