Nokia’s Windows RT tablet that never was

Nokia’s best known for making phones, but word on the street has been that the company plans to get into the tablet space. While Nokia has released devices called “internet tablets” in the past, they were basically glorified PDAs, or smartphones that didn’t make calls.

Now it looks like the company’s getting ready to launch a full-fledged Windows 8 tablet — but only after first trying out Windows RT and deciding against it.

Nokia Tablet prototype

A series of photos posted to a Korean forum show what may have been Nokia’s Windows RT prototype which was never launched, and which likely never will be.

The tablet reportedly features an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, HDMI and USB ports, and support for 4G LTE networks as well as WiFi.

It’s possible that these pictures and details are fake — and even if they aren’t, all they really tell us at the moment is what Nokia isn’t planning on releasing.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing — now that you can find a number of Windows 8 tablets with Intel Atom processors for about the same price as a Windows RT model with an ARM-based chip, there’s not really much reason to go with the stripped-down version of Windows which has a much smaller selection of available apps.

via The Verge

  • Cal Rankin

    It says support for LTE networks, as in plural, but why do I have the overwhelming feeling that this will be an AT&T exclusive? Not that I’m complaining, since AT&T has the best data coverage between HSPA+ and LTE, but it would be nice to see a Sprint or T-Mobile version, maybe a Verizon version.

    • kj_pda

      From what I’ve read it seems t-mo is the best 4G carrier and Verizon has the largest LTE footprint. With a upgraded t-mo network the average 4G speed is 20MBit/s. The problem with AT&T is exclusive which means radio locked down. T-mo has 4G plans at $30/mo. Unlimited. AT&T coverage is better than T-mo but the cost is higher for slower 4G or marginally better for LTE. Also will LTE get better battery life than dc hspa+ (e.g. theoretical b/w 42Mbits/s)?

  • the_real_petur

    The ‘old’ internet tablets could make phone calls as they all supported VOIP and skype out of the box, I used my n810 a lot to call that way. Just needed WiFi…
    And the n900 came with GSM module and is still my primary smartphone, damn thing just won’t die.

  • Anon

    Microsoft most likely paid them a ton of money to go to Windows 8.

    Power hog it will be, and anyone who buys one, will be a fool.

    Now, if they came up with a Linux device, with Jitsi at the core, that would be something… too bad that MS has such a hold on this once great company.

  • Rann Xeroxx

    Still waiting for that HTC 7″ RT tablet that I can make cellular calls with. Combine that with full Outlook and a bluetooth headset, that become a very powerful business road device.

    • Paul Kononov

      That is why Microsoft bought Skype.

  • Paul Kononov

    I am posting from my Nokia Lumina RT tablet. If you want a real story tell my why I still do not have Livesight api. Also, all I was looking for was an article on what makes RT startup fast. I find this misleading article instead.

  • Paul Kononov

    Btw, my most useful feature so far is the HDMI