Lenovo ThinkPad T440s ultrabook with Haswell CPU, HD+ display coming soon

Lenovo is getting ready to launch its first ThinkPad ultrabook with an Intel Haswell processor. The ThinkPad T440S with a 4th-generation Intel Core processor showed up at the Lenovo website recently.

Pricing and the full spec sheet aren’t available yet, but we know that the laptop will be available with a high resolution display, and optional touchscreen, and optional NFC wireless technology.

lenovo thinkpad t440s

Like most ThinkPad notebooks, the Lenovo ThinkPad T440S is aimed at business users, and this model features premium features including a rugged carbon fiber and magnesium case and a dual-battery setup that lets you swap out one battery without powering down your system.

The notebook features a 14 inch display, with 1600 x 900 pixel and 1920 x 1080 pixel screen options. The ThinkPad T440S measures 0.83 inches thick and weighs about 3.5 pounds, has a spill-resistant keyboard, a touchpad with 5-point click and gesture support, and a pointing nub in the center of the keyboard.

Lenovo says the laptop features VGA and Mini DisplayPort, 3 USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, and smart card reader, dual noise-canceling microphones, and stereo speakers.

There’s no word on a launch date for the new ThinkPad ultrabook yet.

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thanks Aleksey!

  • John D.

    I guess Lenovo is staying with making the trackpoint buttons part of the clickpad. I hear it’s difficult to press when using the trackpoint. I don’t see how integrating the buttons into the clickpad benefits the functionality at all.

    Having a clickpad already requires more force to press the entire clickpad for my X230. It’s not too bad at first but as a notebook targetting all day business use, it gets pretty bad after a while.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve tried the Helix, and the clickpad is unusably bad for use with the trackpoint.

  • Ryan Vanderwerf

    I hope thing think can take at least 16GB ram and a SSD.

  • David Ivey

    I’m looking at getting a new laptop and have been looking at the ultrabooks. Honestly, I don’t know what Lenova is thinking. The latest generation of ultrabooks are only a hair over .50 inches thick, under 3 lbs., and with a minimum of 1080p touchscreen size. The new Lenova has 1080p touch screen as an option, is more than 50% thicker, and also a lot heavier. Too bad. I was hoping Lenova would be a possible option.

    • TW

      Go check the Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch. Also, it’d be terrible to run a Windows system with “a minimum of 1080p” on a sub 14” screen.

      • ICUDoc

        Where is the Thinkpad X1 Carbon with Haswell? What is Lenovo waiting for? I want to get one but they are taking forever to announce that they are expanding the Haswells to the X1 – losing sales to other competitors while they dawdle!!

      • Chargeback

        That´s the point! They talk about new stuff early, announce things very late and deliver it to the customer just before customers want to wait for next generation things.

    • Dougie

      you’re crying about carrying a 3.5lb laptop opposed to a 3.0lb? I can see the argument made if we’re talkin about ~5lbs but give me a break. This has an IPS 1080p, what’s your point there. Jeez people want a laptop the size of an iPod nano. Go buy something else if you’re gonna complain. This T440S looks absolutely PERFECT and AMAZING

      • ldrn

        Nuh uh.

        Maybe if they swapped out that buttonless trackpoint for like… an extra-buttoned trackpoint. Or a normal one. THAT would be perfect.

  • Bart M.

    Love Thinkpads. Running my T410 now for almost years and it’s time to upgrade!
    Already liked what they showed with the T431S and this is probably a T431S with Haswell.

    I hope there will be an IPS option, I have no need for a touchscreen.
    And yes a thinkpad as haevy for an Ultrabook but it’s though!!

    • http://tbranyen.com/ Tim Branyen

      Both the HD+ and 1980×1080 resolutions are IPS. This is what T431s should have been.

  • No Satisfaction

    Ok guys, 3.5 lbs is heavy for a ultrabook but it’s still light on my scale so who cares? Btw 3.5 is 1.6 kg. I can lift that easily. Do you?

    My complaints are different. This is still a 16:9 display (only Apple gets displays right nowadays, that is 16:10) and it has a smaller surface than the one of my current laptop which is 16:10 1680×1050 15″. So IPS or not, it will be a kind of downgrade for me. I can’t say anything about the keyboard but the touchpad will be another step back: no physical buttons and I have a laptop with three buttons under the touchpad and three buttons under the trackpoint (an old HP business laptop). So all the external shell of the 440s is worse than what I have now. That’s not what one expects when thinking about progress.

    Apart from that, if the RAM and disc are upgradeable this can be a decent laptop. Let’s hope the upper limit for the RAM is 16 GB or more but all the laptops of the last years make me wonder if I can just swap my motherboard with a modern one and hook it to my display, keyboard and touchpad.

  • lukes
  • porky_pig_jr

    IMHO, having the ability to swap the battery and to upgrade the memory and hard drive (rather than having everything soldered) is more important than having 3.0 lb rather than 3.6 lb. So, in general I like the specs of T440s. My only concern is left/right buttons, now integrated into a touch pad, but I’m going to reserve my judgement till I have an opportunity to try it.

    • http://tbranyen.com/ Tim Branyen

      It’s terrible for a number of reasons compared to the X1 Carbon. I’d rather disable the usable space around where the top buttons are, losing the intent for more space, just so I don’t move the cursor while pressing down.

      Using the Linux Synaptics drivers, I’ve found that you can only redefine one specific region to be used for right click. I can’t have the top and bottom used. This is mostly fine since I prefer the whole thing as a single click, and then right click using the Track Point.