Google Glass adds web browsing, other distractions (features)

Right now Google Glass is an expensive device for developers and enthusiasts looking to test (and build) the future of wearable computing. Many early reviews of the $1500 Google Glass Explorer Edition have pointed out that the device doesn’t actually do very much aside from provide directions, snap photos, shoot video, and answer some questions.

But developers have been writing apps to make Glass more useful by showing Twitter updates and pictures of sexy people. And now Google has rolled out a software update that brings a big change: Google Glass now has web browsing built in.

Google Glass Browser

Google’s July update for Glass lets you ask your wearable device to show you a website and it’ll pop up in that tiny display that floats over your eye.

You can navigate through pages using the touchpad on the side if the device. Sliding your finger lets you scroll, and sliding two fingers lets you zoom in or out. Tap to click whatever’s at the center of the screen.

When Google Glass is paired with a smartphone (and it usually is, since that’s what it relies on for an internet connection), you can also now use voice commands to have Glass read text messages aloud, answer a phone call by saying “ok glass, answer call,” or send photos or other items with specific contacts in your list using voice commands.

via The Verge

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