Deals of the Day (7-01-2013)

If you’re in the market for a 7 inch Android-based tablet/eReader, it’s hard to beat the Barnes & Noble NOOK HD at the moment. B&N is selling the tablet for $129 and up and it has a higher-resolution display than the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, as well as full support for the Google Play Store.

What it might not have is a future — B&N plans to kill its tablet hardware division soon, so there’s no guarantee the $129 NOOK HD will be supported for much longer.

So when Amazon marks down the price of the Kindle Fire HD a bit, that tablet starts to look pretty good. Right now you can buy one for $30 off… or you can pick up a 2011-era model for even less if you don’t mind buying refurbished products.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Here are some of the day’s best deals.

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  • iceman

    Put a launcher like ADW on the Nook HD and its even better .. no rooting required.