Cube unveils kit that turns Android tablets into TV boxes

Chinese tablet maker Cube is branching out into the set-top-box space… kind of. Rather than introduce a standalone box that lets you run Android apps on a big-screen TV, the company is introducing a new accessory that turns your existing tablet into a TV box.

The kit includes a wireless remote control and an adapter that lets you control your tablet without using the touchscreen.

Cube TV

Basically, you hook up your tablet to your TV using HDMI or Miracast wireless display technology, and then you can use the remote control to video playback, navigate through apps, or perform other basic functions.

While there are plenty of inexpensive Android TV boxes that let you do something similar, the advantage of using your tablet is that it probably already has all the apps, music, videos, or other files you want to access on your big screen — you don’t have to install everything all over again on a second device.

But while many Android tablets have HDMI ports that you can use to connect them to a television, few are designed to work with a wireless remote control.

I haven’t seen any pricing details for the new Cube TV kit yet.

via and Padhz

  • Jean-Luc Aufranc

    OK, I get it. I saw that yesterday, but I did not quite understand what it was about.
    You can also use an RF remote with your tablet, as long as it has a USB port.

    • werewolfc

      you still don’t get it! it is SPAM: same user is also spamming other sites too.

  • keypad77

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    G7 for single touch windows8

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  • Michael Thompson

    Because picking up an HDMI cable and a wireless remote online separately is just too much to have to bear.

    That’s all this is because that’s all this needs to be.