Official Google Cloud Print app finally comes to Android

Ever since the most recent Google I/O the company has pushed out a lot of updates and new apps, often without making a big deal out of it. One of the latest is the new, official Google Cloud Print app for Android. Cloud Print has been around and available to Google Chrome and Chrome OS users for a while, but until this release the only way to get access on an Android device was via third-party apps. Now that Android is officially supported, smartphones, tablets and other devices just got a lot more productive.

Cloud Print

The app itself is simple and clean, sharing the same overall design as other newly updated and released Android apps. Once installed, users can either browse via the app for the document(s) they want to print or print from other apps using the Share dialog. There’s even sharing right from the gallery if you’re looking to print pictures.

Google Cloud Print works with a variety of Internet-connected printers, of course, but those of us still using our wired printers can get in on the action as well. Just set up Google Cloud Print on the computer connected to the printer. As long as the computer is on and you’re signed into the Chrome browser you’ll be able to send print jobs from Android or any other device connected to Cloud Print.

You can’t currently manage your printers with the Cloud Print app or even see the available printers until you select a document and begin the process. This is frustrating given that third-party apps can do this. Another thing you can’t do: choose between color or black and white printing. It’s odd that Google would choose to develop something less useful than what’s already out there. Perhaps updates will roll out in a timely manner. Google does seem more on the ball with this stuff lately.

You can download the new Cloud Print app from the Google Play store.

via Android Community

  • Michael Thompson

    This is great news!
    My dell printer uses an app, but expanded functionality is always welcome!

  • Jack Bunce

    Official Google Cloud Print App??? How about “an unofficial Google Cloud Print App” — at least that’s where your link takes me. I see nothing indicating that the developer is in any way associated with Google officially.

    • K. T. Bradford

      Jack, sorry about that! Wrong link. I fixed it :) It does indeed go to the official Google app now.

      • Jack Bunce

        Thanks, K.T. for the quick followup.