Liliputing MK908 quad-core Android TV stick giveaway

The Tronsmart MK908 is one of the best Android TV sticks released to date… if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s a small box about size of a few USB flash drives squeezed together, but under the hood it has the guts of an Android phone or tablet.

You can plug it into your TV to run Android apps on a big screen — and with a little luck (or skill) you may even be able to install a desktop Linux operating system on the MK908 soon and use it as a full-fledged PC.

Geekbuying sells the MK908 for about $86, but the store sent me a free sample to test recently. Now that I’m done with it, let’s have a giveaway.

Tronsmart MK908

What you’re trying to win

The Tronsmart MK908 is a TV box with a Rockchip RK3188 ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core processor. It has 2GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and a microSD card slot for extra storage.

There’s also a full-sized USB port and two mini USB ports. You need to use one of those little ports to supply power to the device, but you can plug in a full-sized USB adapter and use the other mini port as a second port for a keyboard, mouse, game controller, or external storage.

Unlike many Android TV devices I’ve tested, the MK908 has pretty strong WiFi performance, and I was able to use it to stream music and movies over the internet, and HD video over a home network.

This box is currently running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but you can update it to Android 4.2 or install a custom ROM if you’d like.

You’ll need a keyboard, mouse, or another controller to use the MK908 since it doesn’t come with a remote control or other input device.

Here’s how to win:

Leave a comment by 5:00AM ET on Tuesday, 6/18/2013. 

That’s pretty much it, but there are a few rules you should know about:

  • We’ll randomly select a winner from all valid entries.
  • This contest is only open to residents of the United States, or folks with a US shipping address.
  • Anyone that works for Liliputing or is a close friend or family member is ineligible to win.
  • Please leave only one comment. If you try to stuff the ballot box I’ll throw out all of your entries.
  • Make sure you use a valid email address, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account to leave your comment — and make sure to check your messages.
  • Once we select a winner, that person will have 48 hours to respond. If we don’t hear anything we’ll choose another name.

Thanks again to Geekbuying for providing us with an MK908 to test!

Update: Congratulations to our winner, Sai Reddy!

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    I’m in! I’d love to hack into this a bit. You see, I’ve got ideas!

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    I’d love to have one of these.

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    I’d love to have this!

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    Comment number 5 for the WIN!

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    Android TV!

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    I just got a t428 but wouldn’t mind having a 908 as well!

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    Father’s day gift for me? Time will tell

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    Would be great to win it!

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    Looks like a great TV stick

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    Yes, please.

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    I would love an android tv stick

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    Been reading since 2008, now you’ve grown up so big that I’ll never have a chance of winning. Congrats on the success Brad!

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    It’s mine!!

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    I’ve been looking at these for a while. One as a free prize would make it even better! :-)

    Are there any good TV oriented launchers yet?

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    Love to have the TV stick to use to learn Android

  • Joey Prewett

    I call dibs on this… I’m trying to free myself from Windoze, and this would help…

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    Gimmee the stick, or continue giving me the great reviews.

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    I’d like to try it out. The wifi on my MK802 is horrible.

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    Winner!!! No need to post any more my friends.. Twill all be for naught

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    I promise to give the stick a good home.

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    Awesome! Thanks for doing this!

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    Fated to be MK908ed

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    I already have a mk808 and its pretty nice but I would love this one for upgrade 😀

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    Me likey the MK908!

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    These little computers are awesome!!

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    I want one for my bedroom.

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    Thanks for the giveaway.

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    I am looking foward to Linux on this platform.

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    Very decent specs. Thanks for the review!

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    Lets give this 4-brained HDMI stick some “food for thought”!!! 😀

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    If I win, the Tronsmart MK908 probably will arrive before the one agreed to send me to replace a T428 that won’t play Netflix movies.

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    Quad core, but only ARM Mali 400 graphics?! Still, it’d be fun to tinker with. ;-]

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    I want one! It will create problems for me (it will be even harder to keep kids off the TV), but I really want to play with it! I have a tablet with RK3188. It is quite fast.

  • tritonofg

    Would complete my Linux media ecology!

  • Keith

    This will be a great replacement for the Ricomagic MKiii that I broke :)

    Thanks Brad, Not many do these give-aways like you.


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    Great toy to play with

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    Sounds like a neat device, would be awesome to check out :)

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    This would be an awesome Father’s Day gift. Brad, can we just pretend that I’m your dad? (But you still can’t have my car keys, and dammit, turn down that noise you call “music.”)

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    I always wanted to try one of these Android on a stick devices.

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    Looks like a cool toy. I’ve been thinking about buying one but free would be better.

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    Wrecked ’em? Damn near killed him.

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    Nice little machine. I like the small for factor.

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    Good luck everyone.

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    This would be perfect for mt home setup, I need something like this to hook up to my 47inch 3D TV to be able to stream movies and music from my home server, as well as my ampache online server where I have a lot of my music stored, plus my Google Music account, I really want to win this, this is perfect for me.

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    I bought one nearly 2 months ago from geekbuying. It had many problems and I still don’t have a working device or refund despite returning the item weeks ago. I don’t get why this site admin is so wild about this particular device. I sent a simple, friendly question / comment to liliputing a few days ago but no response at all. Maybe Brad Linder is an investor in geekbuying / tronsmart?

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    I’m 16. I stood in the freezing Seattle rain for 6 hours to win a Samsung Focus S and gave it to my brother because he’s turning his life around. I can’t afford shit otherwise I’d buy one of these, it’s only 99 bucks right? Anyways my dad works in Alaska so I can’t BS that I’m getting it for him. I just want it for my $20 Motorola Atrix lapdock so that I can mess with that setup (Hopefully game?). Thanks and I wish yall a happy Father’s Day.


    I want it for my florida room :)

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    I’ve been trying out, testing, flashing and re-flashig android and linux, bricking, de-bricking and whatever this kind of devices (only rk3066 until now) for some time now. If I win it.. it would be a win for the dev-community too.
    Let’s see. =)

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