Lilbits (6-18-2013): Google Readerpocalypse approaches

On July 1st, Google will shut down its web-based RSS reader. For the past half decade, Google Reader has pretty much dominated the RSS reader space, but since Google announced plans to kill the service a few months ago, a number of companies have been promising to step up to the plate.

We’ve had a little renaissance in RSS apps, with Feedly developing its own feed syncing service, NewsBlur improving its design and infrastructure, and new solutions such as CommaFeed and Digg Reader entering the space.

While I’ll miss Google Reader, we may actually be entering a new age of RSS readers now that the elephant is leaving the room. I guess we’ll find soon enough whether anyone not running a 1-person shop can actually make a successful business out of an online feed reader. Google never charged for Reader and it’s not clear if the company ever made a dime on the service.

If you’re a Google Reader user, how do you plan to get your fix starting July 1st?

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  • fdzimmerman

    Switched to Liferea on Linux (Linux-only). Very happy with it. Imported Reader’s feedlist with no problems.

  • Linuxium

    I moved to Pulse long time ago and I’m very happy with it as the optional web based UI means I can use it x-platform.

  • manmoon

    The one Google Reader replacement that you didn’t mention is what I found to be the de-facto Google Reader clone: TheOldReader. Even the shortcuts are the same!

  • aincube

    At this time i use newsblur, but few bugs in web-version and strange behaviour of android-version, stops me to buy premium account. Waiting for a digg.reader.


    Been using NetVibes for some time now and am happy with it.

  • Sandeep

    Another good alternative you are missing out is MultiPLX, – which is very pinteresting alongwith customizable old school layouts. Been using it for a month now and the support their team provides is excellent, they have built all features of Google Reader including feed clips, blog rolls, and unlimited imports.