Leef Bridge is a USB flash drive for your smartphone or your PC

USB flash drives have been allowing you to transport files to and from work, carry around music in your pocket, and even run apps for ages. But most USB flash drives have one thing in common: a full-sized USB connector designed to be plugged into a full-sized port on your laptop or desktop.

The Leef Bridge has one of those full-sized connectors too. But it also has a microUSB connector, which makes it easy to plug the Leef Bridge into a smartphone or tablet.

Leef Bridge

There’s a full-sized connector on one and and a microUSB connector on the other. Just slide out the one that you need and the case of the flash drive will protect the other.

Not every device supports USB storage devices. While a microUSB port can be found on most Android phones and tablets, on many devices that port is only used for charging. You’ll need a model with support for USB OTG capabilities to use the Leef Bridge.

Leef has posted a list of supported Android and Windows 8 devices on its website, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a comprehensive list.

Theoretically you could buy a micro USB OTG adapter for a few bucks and connect any old flash drive to your phone. But it’s nice to have a single-piece solution, and the Leef Bridge is reasonably priced.

You can pick up a 16GB model from the Leef Store for $17.99, or a 32GB flash drive for $28.99. A 64GB model should be available next month.

via Android Police

  • bluesummersnight

    I wish the Nexus 4 had USB OTG.

    • digi_owl

      I am really surprised it lacks that. Quite the oversight by Google.

      Tho i guess it saves them from having to license FAT.

  • digi_owl

    Next up, build a card reader into a case.

    Hilarious how they mixed Samsung and Apple products btw.

    Oh, and their claim about first may be pushing it: http://www.noosyapple.com/cp/html/?69.html

  • Brandonn

    Custom flash drives similar to Leef Bridge flash drive could be obtained at http://www.usbpromos.com

  • Andy

    I like it! I ordered a Bridge yesterday.