Deals of the Day (6-27-2013)

One of my favorite tips for finding a cheap laptop is to wait until the manufacturer announces the next-generation model. Now that Lenovo’s IdeaPad U330 ultrabook with a Haswell processor is on the way, prices for the IdeaPad U310 with an Ivy Bridge chip are dropping fast.

Right now you can pick up a new model of this thin and light laptop from Lenovo for as little as $529. A touchscreen version costs $90 more.

You might not get the same battery life or full HD screen you get with the newer model, but you get a pretty good portable notebook for a pretty good price.

Lenovo IdeaPad U310

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  • BigGoofyGuy

    IMO; while it may be cool being on the leading edge of technology, being on the trailing edge of technology is more affordable. :)

    • Tsais

      Goofy talent for stating the obvious :p


    So how much is a Sandy Bridge based laptop?