Deals of the Day (6-11-2013)

Ultrabooks may be all the rage in portable notebooks today, and there’s a lot to like about them. They have slim cases, fast processors, and speedy storage. But they’re not the only game in town.

A handful of PC makers continue to offer ultraportable notebooks that don’t quite fit the definition of an ultrabook, and which may not offer the same level of performance — but which also cost a lot less.

For instance the Acer Aspire One 756 normally sells for around $250 to $300, features an 11.6 inch display, weighs about 3 pounds, and sports an Intel Celeron 847 dual core processor (which makes it faster than most netbooks, but not as fast as a typical ultrabook).

Today you can pick up a refurbished model straight from Acer for even less… the company is selling units through eBay for just $219.

Acer Aspire One 756

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