$99 Nextbook Premium 8HD tablet hits Walmart for not-so-premium price

Budget tablet maker E Fun has launched two new Android tablets, featuring 7 and 8 inch displays and very, very low price tags. The 7 inch model sells for just $69, but I’m still not sure I’d pay that much for it. The new $99 model with an 8 inch screen, on the other hand, looks halfway decent… for the price.

E Fun Nextbook 8HD

The E Fun Nextbook Premium 8HD is now available from Walmart for $99. It features an 8 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel capacitiv toucshcreen display, a 1.5 GHz Amlogic ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage.

The tablet runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software, has front and rear cameras, HDMI output, and a microSD card slot. It supports 802.11b/g/n WiFi and E Fun says it’ll run for up to 6 hours if you’re watching videos, or 5 hours if you’re surfing the web.

E Fun’s 8 inch tablet is also a Google Certified device which comes with the Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and other apps.

For $99, I wouldn’t expect stellar build quality, battery life, or performance. But if you’re looking for an 8 inch Android tablet and you’re willing to sacrifice quality for savings, the Nextbook Premium 8HD is a heck of a lot cheaper than the $400 Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

E Fun Nextbook 7SE-8GP

Meanwhile, the E Fun Nextbook Premium 7SE-8GP sells for just $69, but it’s spec sheet is much less impressive. It has a 7 inch, 800 x 480 pixel capacitive touchscreen display, a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 chip, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and a front-facing camera only.

This tablet runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and gets up to 5 hours of battery life.

On the bright side, it does have HDMI output and a microSD card slot and it’s a Google Certified device.

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    That is a surprise. Usually it is the other way around. Any chance you might get a sample of either fo these for testing? I am interested in seeing just how good “ultra cheap” tablets have become. I am not in the market. Just curious.

  • GregMo

    I have the 7″ model and so far so good. Only 2 complains really. First it seems to randomly drop the wifi connection using Airdroid, but oddly will play iHeartRadio for hours with no problem. Secondly, Chrome crashes a fair bit. Other than that I don’t see any real problems.

  • Guest

    I just read some reviews. Some were complaining that it doesn’t have bluetooth. How can you make a tablet these days without bluetooth. That’s a deal breaker for me. I want to be able to use my bluetooth speaker sometimes.

  • buzz86us

    spend the extra $50 and get a nook hd+

    • Guest

      Yup. Or spend the extra $30 and get the Nook HD.

      • R

        There’s a lot of apps you cannot use on the nook. That’s why people opt for this, or other cheap android tablets.

  • GSFFatTheMart

    Sounds like a pretty good deal.


  • roydk

    I just got one and it’s going right back. I’m surprised that NO one mentioned how bad the screen is. You have to hold it straight on otherwise the image looks like a reverse negative. This is not an isp panel, not even a good lcd, horrable viewing angle.Stick with the Sero 7 Pro for $150, WAY better pad.

    • Michael Thompson

      This ^
      Cost is not always value.

  • roydk

    IPS panel , I mean.

  • roydk

    Nook is great, but no cameras, I use video Skype.

  • matthew2582

    We just got one good news is that the build quality is surprisingly not too bad and performance is quite snappy in fact – Quadrant and AnTutu are pretty impressive

    However as others have noted, viewing angles are diabolical- just a couple of degrees off axis and the image is like a reverse negative

    Also, pressing the screen or the volume controls caused the screen to ripple

    1920 * 1280 Nook HD+ for $ 149 with Google Play Store is clearly the best value on the market

  • Cameron Taylor

    I just got it. Viewing angles are crappy, and no bluetooth…and pressing the back does make the screen ripple. But other than that, it’s excellent! And a nice price too!

  • boistp

    i have both the nextbook and nookhd….i have no complaints about either except the angle u have to hold the nextbook to view the screen….otjer than that works great for what its worth.

  • sharon

    I got one in Nov. $149.00 on HSN, stopped working last week. Turns on but stops before it gets to home page

    • madison

      I no

  • bigdaddylongD

    Do both have diabolicle screens? If the 8hd doesnt im getting it. Is the nexus 7 better? Also no bluetooth doesnt matter unless its a game. Lastly, does walmart have cases (i know its not an ipad so im expecting it to break).

    • Cathy

      I have been looking for a case for them, but I haven’t been able to find one yet!!

      • Nextbookman

        There are some on ebay that come over from china. Found one with a keyboard in it for $17 including the shipping. Only drawback is you have to wait a couple of weeks to get it in your hands.

      • RetAMsg

        There are s few on amazon and eBay that are about half
        price you’ll find at WM if and when you can find one. My wife got one in 3 days and that was right after Christmas. Got the 7 in for my birthday last Sept. Had to do a factory reset once because I erased or deleted a file that makes the play store function. Just went to the 8 in a couple days ago. So far I’ve had no problems. Wife had to return her first and so did out d/l. In this area they are like trying to find hen’s teeth. I got what I paid for.

      • Emy C.

        I just got the 8hd for Xmas and I love mine. But it gets really hot and I wanna get a case but I’m afraid of it making it worse. Does your wife’s get hot?? And does the case make it worse at all??

      • Shantey J. onntimes.com

        Amazon.com $25.00

    • wade

      Rocket fish @ beast buy $30. Perfect fit.

  • associated

    or get a tab2 7 Samsung and not have a piece of shit

    • Lee Ann Lewin

      Are they the same price? This was the best I could find and stay under $100. That is the choice I had to make, and so far am happy with it. We can’t all afford a few hundred for a tablet.

  • Christelle

    if the screen cracks how can I replace it?

  • sandy

    Must say that this is my first tablet and so far so good. Except remarks about the screen viewing angle are right on and the speaker is in the back so sound is not too clear without headphones. I am liking it!
    Only paid $99 at WM and they said they are flying off the shelves. Took out an extended 2 yr warranty for only $9.00, so if it does crash, the wty will work.

  • aphi

    For a developer machine, this is OK. A solid, fuctional Andoid Jellybean device with dual camera and WiFi. It met my needs and had a great price. No complaints here.

  • Cathy

    I bought 2 of these for my 8 and 6 year old grandsons. They love them. They are perfect if you are wanting them for kids. Because of the price I was able to get both of them one!!

  • Anthony H

    I just got one and so far its been amazing, all these reviews about bad viewing angles….sorry you guys but i just dont see it. When the brightness is down, yes i agree that i have to look straight on but look at it this way, its added privacy, and people that you may be laying in bed with wont have a bright light in their face. As far as the bluetooth it gives you an option to download the bluetooth software. Just downloaded it and it works great. And as far as the battery reviews i believe even the manufacturer’s specs are wrong, cause when i first got it i turned it on and let it charge overnight, i havent had to charge it for a day and a half now, and its sitting on 30% and ive been using it none stop except for the few hours of me sleeping. So maybe there are people that just expect a $400 product out of a $100 dollar tablet. But as far as im concerned this functions way better. My advice, if you have deep pockets and dont mind paying for something that you could get at a cheaper price, then go ahead and spend half a grand for something you will just push to the side in a year or less when they come out with the next expensive thing.

    • Megan Riley

      How did you get the Bluetooth working? Is it an app from the play store, I have the 8′ HD Google play/jellybean.

      • Adam Vanegas

        Did you happen to get the Bluetooth going? I’d like to know if I may

    • Lee Ann Lewin

      I agree. Have had this one a few days and it is fine. There is a little area on the screen that isn’t right, but it only shows up when there is a black background. Will exchange it, and my mother wants to order one. We can’t afford $200+ for something like a tablet. This works for us.

    • Adam Vanegas

      I would like to know what is e name of the Bluetooth software or app that you downloaded please.I’ve downloaded about 50 of them and none of them work on my nextbook8

      • Kyle

        There is no Bluetooth. Whoever said that has no idea what they’re talking about. Bluetooth is hardware, you cant download it from the app store.

    • Heather

      How do I get Bluetooth?

    • Katie Putman

      How did you get the Bluetooth software??

  • dotilderton

    I have one and for the most part, I love it. There is a issue with the tablet getting really,really hot so I make sure I always put it on non flammable surface to store. Would love to know if anyone else is having this issue.

    • Emy C.

      My husband just bought me one for Xmas and I love mine. Comments about the display are true. Any different angle and it gets reverse negative but it’s not THAT bad as everyone is saying. But like you said mine does get EXTREMELY hot! Sometimes almost so hot I can touch the screen in the lower left hand corner when the front camera is on the right side. It seems to get way hotter when I’m playing a super detailed and fast game. I really want to buy a case for mine but I’m afraid it will just get even hotter in a case so I’m not really sure what to do. Overall I love mine. Just concerned about the heat issue.

      • Emy C.

        Oops I meant lower left hand side when the front camera is on the LEFT side is where it gets really really hot. I don’t know what that is. If that’s the battery or the processor???

  • Tik B Lang

    Is the 8 in. stable, reliable and BLAZING fast?

  • Carlo

    I just got one but I am returning because it did not work. The device connected to the WiFi routers but the Internet did not work. I tried with three different routers where I have other wireless devices connected such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S7, laptops, etc and they all work fine. I could not make this tablet to work!, very frustrating. I bought it out of curiosity precisely because of the low price of $99 when a good tablet is more than $200. The problem could be the device or the Android OS because it seems this problem also happens with other brands where the common denominator is Android. Good luck if take the risk!

    • rrdonovan

      I just bought one. No Bluetooth. Rats! Had to reset it twice to get my WiFi up and running. Downloaded the apps I need and all is OK. Now if I could get it to run Opensuse L

      • isitsevenyet

        Thanks for this clarification. This is the one thing I forgot to check for when I picked out a tablet and I am disappointed it has no bluetooth, but I can live without it I suppose. My fault for not wanting to wait for shipping–I had my husband grab this one at Walmart.

        Other than the lack of bluetooth, I’ve had it a few days and so far I’m happy with it. Not a great battery life with a lot of use, particularly if you keep the wifi on, but it runs fast and I like the screen size, plus they make a case specifically for this tablet which is a plus, and was cheaper than the one at Walmart which didn’t fit on the tablet.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog

    This tablet has a horrible display it even says on the back of the box that’s its HD yeah HD my ass pretty sad overall the tablets alright its just the display that bothers me.

  • ms.griffin4ever

    My daughter has a 7 in. She dropped it and cracked it two times and the picture still isn’t distorted. I’m happy!!

  • Shawn Beth Boyd

    I have one of these, shopped around till I found a tablet with the features I wanted, for me this was the best choice despite the low price, the kids love it. The nooks don’t even have cameras, I’ve had no problem looking at the screen but I’m not trying to look at my tablet from any weird angles . Looks just fine on a tablet stand, and the Android software allows for endless free apps unlike Apple who would sell salt to a slug, some people are more concerned with having a brand name then a functioning affordable product…….

  • Janie Kirk Lowry

    This is a piece of shit. I got one for my daughter and it lasted 3 weeks. The charger broke and then the screen broke the same day

  • sallymay

    my on off button doesnt turn on the unit anymore can it be fixed?

  • madison

    My parents got me it for Christmas. This morning I had it laying on my bedroom florr and my dog stepped on it. It was laying facedown, but the screen still broke. I am commenting this as a review and a plea for help. Where can I get it fixed and about how much will it cost. I need to save up

    • isitsevenyet

      Ask your parents if they bought a damage plan for such things. If not, it might be cheaper to just buy a new one. I know Walmart sells a warranty for cracked screens, spills, drops etc and it’s not expensive, so there’s a good chance they got it covered.

    • Judy L

      should have got the 2 year warrenty and just took it back to the store you have 90 days otherwise liik up nectbook tablets and lookfor tech help

  • Meme


  • matt

    How do I use my front facing camera

  • madison

    I just powered off my tablet one night 2 go 2 bed and the next day I turned it back on then I look all over 4 my apps and they just dissapered :'(

  • madison

    Wat happened 2 my apps?:O

  • Lou

    Sorry ..but I like mine…I bought because I was taking an Android App programming class (css, html, and javascript) and needed something to run apps on…I initially bought the Nexus 7 for a lot more money, everyone who bought that model exchanged them because Eclipse wouldn’t recognize it.
    Instructor also told us the Nextbook, for $99, was all we needed…and he was right…after the course I started playing with it and it’s pretty nice…for the price and since it’s a Google approved device, I say enjoy!!!!!

  • platnum

    This is my third one the first one screen cracked,then second one wouldn’t charge properly thank goodness for the Walmart warranty now this one I noticed shuts down sometimes not sure if its due to the wireless network also I notice that it sometimes hesitant and takes sseveral attempts to get it to come on

  • David Grant

    I owned one of these for about a week and took it back. I didn’t like the sound, found it way too faint.

  • cora

    So far I haven’t had any problems with mine, so far. Just need to learn how to use Skype. I’m having so much fun with mine. I love it!

  • Uncle Jed

    I just purchased a new next book 8 and I am unable to activate the GPS, I thought the unit was bad so I returned it for a new unit, The replacement unit also GPS would not function. Does anybody have an idea what I’m doing wrong?

  • tinkertot

    I love love love the hell out of this tablet!! I started with a rca 7 inch and after 3 weeks of doing nothing but reading on it the screen burnt out. I jumped into this one for a little bit more and honestly even tho I bought it for nothing but reading I do everything on it! The screen is easily scratched and even on its lowest bristness setting its still a little too bright for me but other than that its a great little tablet! Best $100 I ever spent! I’m not sure what people are talking about with having to look dead on or you get a negative unless I tip mine down until the screen flips I can see fine. The other little quirk I found was that batter indicator is a bit off. One second I could be at 98% the next I am at 45% but even playing games I only charge it 1× a day and I’m on it almost constantly. I keep my screen brightness all the way down even outside, so that helps with battery. The picture quality I am very surprised with. Much better than I would have expected for a cheap tablet! All in all if anything happened to this tablet I would for sure buy another one or the next updated version if they have one by then! Like everyone else said you can’t expect $400 tech for $100 in my opinion I got way more than I paid for comparing it to the rca 7 inch I had before!

  • me

    very poor customer service from these guys. Rep admitted an internal charging defect for the datecode of two of the tablets yet they will not replace them and the tablets will no longer charge. My children got about 5 months use out of them

  • kyra

    I cracked my screen and I is bad

  • Lori Hill

    I got my tablet in March and I have to say it is worth the $100. I have had no problems at all.

  • syn

    I have a next book 8 model nx785qc8g that I recently purchased at Walmart for $100 . it is a really good tablet . the battery life is OK and the storage is good I have 7 apps , pictures , videos , pictures and everything works out well. The outside camera also has great quality.. In had the rca tablet before this but I think this one is way better and more advanced than the rca .

  • guest

    Sucks. Less than 2 weeks and both have to be replaced

  • crpntr57

    I didn’t purchase this $99 tablet to replace my laptop, I bought it to enhance my laptop. If I’m going to need a folder or two, or maybe just some information that needs to be accurate just move it from L/T to the tablet then slip it in your pocket and carry on. Yeah you’re right people it’s not Bluetooth capable. Do like I do plug in some really awesome ear-buds and be selfish with your tunes. If you’re wanting to share tunes with your girl just let her hold one of the buds, snuggle up next to her and be glad you aren’t having to compete with a speaker. Give her that much anyway. Surely she deserves it!!!!!