Pidora is Fedora Linux for the Raspberry Pi

Fedora was one of the first Linux-based operating systems ported to run on the Raspberry Pi $35 computer. Now there’s a remix of Fedora dedicated exclusively tot he Raspberry Pi platform.

It’s called Pidora, and you can find download links and instructions at the Pidora website.

Raspberry Pi

Update: Unfortunately, the name appears to have a negative connotation in Russian

Pidora 18 is based on Fedora 18 and supports nearly every app that can run on Fedora. But the operating system has been compiled to support the Raspberry Pi’s ARM-based processor and Broadcom graphics core.

The operating system is also designed to be downloaded and installed on an SD card, since that’s what the Raspberry Pi uses for storage.

Pidora isn’t the only Linux-based operating system for the Raspberry Pi. It joins Raspbian, a popular Debian-based Linux distro optimized for the little computer.

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