Finless ROM for the MK908 gives you more control of the Android TV stick

Android developer Finless has released one of the first custom ROMs designed specifically for the Tronsmart MK908 Android TV stick. While the MK908 is one of the fastest devices of its type, and offers decent all-around performance, the Finless ROM gives you more control over the way the device works.

Tronsmart MK908

The Tronsmart MK908 is a small stick you can plug into your TV and connect to your WiFi network to run Android apps on your TV, stream internet video, surf the web, and more.

It has a Rockchip RK3188 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage. Out of the box, it runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software.

The Finless ROM is based on a stock Android image rather than the software that comes with the stick. But Finless has made the following changes:

  • Updated to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • Enabled support for between 1GB and 6GB of space for apps
  • Enabled location services (make sure to turn off GPS, since the stick doesn’t have a GPS receiver)
  • Added a full-screen app which lets you hide the status bar
  • Tweak so that almost any app in the Google Play Store will show up as compatible with the stick
  • Added support for the RK Remote control app that lets you use your phone or tablet as a wireless remote control
  • Added a reboot app that lets you reboot the MK908 or reboot to recovery or fastboot

You can find more details and a download link at the FreakTab forum.

via Geekbuying

  • Andrew

    I updated the firmware and it boosted the antutu score from 14K to 18K. So it works well. The only thing i have problem with it some apps will make it turn portrait mode(native to the app?) Otherwise great for what we do with it, which is surfing the web, watch netflix, vevo and youtube.

    • Tony Doan

      If you open the rotation locker app, and click and hold on the landcape mode it will put it into persistent mode. Thus keeping all/most apps in landcape.

  • Tony Doan

    Awaiting my MK908 from, cant believe there is a Finless release for this device already. I’ll be dumping this rom as soon as I get the device. I’ll be sure to touch base again with results!

    • Tony Doan

      Okay everyone with a fresh dump of Finless’ 1.4 rom for the MK908 Antutu pumped out a whopping 17606. I’m impressed.

      The only things to wait for now are an updated kernel, which will in turn provide us with all types of goodies. Anticipated is expanded usb device support, 1080p video output, aand possibly increased clock speeds? ( asking for too much there! )

      Thats a link to the blog posting in question. Finless himself is on it too. What a great community it is.

  • Geoff Fox

    Very sad. Mine came yesterday and randomly loses audio/video every minute or so. Tried different USB cables/wall warts and a new HDMI cable, then flashed the new Finless ROM. Nothing helps. It really seems cool and operates effortlessly. The Finless ROM allows it to look like a Samsung phone, so everything on Play is now downloadable and installable. I even downloaded the MLB At Bat app and streamed a little video.

    So far Geekbuying has been responsive to my emails, but this is a hardware problem and will probably have to go back to China.

    That’s a disappointment.

    • Tony Doan

      I read on a blog somewhere that happened to somebody else ( possibly yourself ), very unfortunate. Quality on these are obviously not super high, but they are at least anticipated to work!

    • martinitime1975

      Mine does lose audio, but it doesn’t seem to be random. The audio seems to go to “sleep” or a power saving mode if there is no activity for a few seconds. Example: in Candy Crush, if the music is on, all audio works fine, including the sound effects. However, I play with the music off, and if I wait a few seconds without making a move, the audio quits. When I make a move, it wakes up and plays the tail end of the sound effects, and continue to works unless I stay still for a few seconds, then the audio cut repeats until I make another move. Very frustrating, but you’re not alone.

  • Vladuz

    Such a powerfull device and it doesn’t have 1080p output? Very sad :(

  • Umair Mudasser

    Hi. Can I use it with RK3066 1.6GHZ Dual Core Android TV Box.

    I whether I can use XBMX in full hd, that is 720 or 1080 videos as the videos now skip frames.

    the hardware I have is this one

    waiting for your reply.