Cirrus7 Nimbus fanless, Linux-friendly PC has a heatsink for a case

PC maker Cirrus7 plans to ship a new fanless desktop computer by the end of June. It’s called the Nimbus, and it looks more like a heatsink than a PC, because that’s basically what the entire case is.

Each piece of the case is a layer of laser-cut aluminum designed to dissipate heat from the processor and other components without the use of any moving parts. That means the little PC keeps both cool and quiet while it operates.

Cirrus7 Nimbus

That kind of design doesn’t come cheap. Prices start at 499 Euros ($642) for a model with an Intel Celeron processor and Ubuntu Linux. It’s also available with Windows 8 and faster processors, up to an Intel Core i7 chip, but those’ll run you even more.

Update: The Cirrus7 Nimbus is now available for 449 Euros and up

For now the system ships with Ivy Bridge processors, but models with Haswell chips should be available around the end of the year.

At idle the computer uses about 15W of power, and the max TDP is between 30W and 65W depending on the processor you choose.

The base model features 4GB of RAM and a 60GB mSATA solid state disk. There’s also room in the case for 2 2.5″ 7mm SATA III disks.

Cirrus7’s computer-in-a-heatsink features HDMI and DisplayPort output, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and two gigabit Ethernet ports. WiFi and Bluetooth options are available.

The company’s based in Germany and offers free shipping within the country, charges 20 Euros to ship elsewhere in the European Union, and only delivers outside the EU upon special request.

via Fanless Tech

  • bluelightzero

    Prepare to see linus with this.

    He loves silent computers

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    • James

      Their site says it uses an Intel DQ77KB mini-ITX board so you could get a feel of the overall size based on that.

  • vimal

    I am looking for laptop :

    1) without QWERTY keyboard on this

    2) with IMEI no & SIM-Slot for GSM & voice calling feature

    this laptop will be used with touchpad+7keypad while travelling

    this laptop will be used with touchpad+external USB QWERTY keyboard when on desk.

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  • David

    Two Gig-E ports is nice. What’s not nice is the outrageously high price.

  • analogtek

    Why the cripple micro for linux. We should get the faster option too.