This is what the GameStick dev kits look like (video)

PlayJam started shipping GameStick developer kits this month to folks who backed the project’s Kickstarter campaign. The GameStick is a tiny video game console that’s looks like a USB flash drive. it also comes with a wireless game controller that has a slot built-in that you can slid the stick into when you’re not using it.

The kits that are going out now are designed for developers and feature an early build of the hardware. The final versions that be available in June for $79 will look a little different. But the dev kits appear to be fully functional.

PlayJam has put together a video showing what the dev kit looks like and how it works.

The developer kit features a GameStick with a full-sized USB port, so it’s a little larger than the version that will eventually ship to customers. The team also plans to tweak the game controller design before release.

But at this point the company is shipping a gamepad which has all the important functions including X, B, Y, and A buttons, two clickable pads, a D-Pad, shoulder buttons, status lights, and more.

In the second half of the video you can also get a look at the GameStick in action. While the device is running Android, the user interface has been modified to work on a TV-sized display, making it look a bit more like an Xbox or PlayStation user interface than Android.

Since these are developer kits, they also include an app installer that lets developers easily load an APK onto the GameStick for testing.

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