Shuttle DS47 fanless mini-desktop with Celeron chip coming this year

Shuttle has been making small form-factor desktop computers for years. But up until now, if you’ve wanted a model that runs silently thanks to a low-power CPU and fanless cooling, you’ve had to get a model with a relatively sluggish Intel Atom processor.

Now Fanless Tech reports that Shuttle will launch a new fanless model with an Intel Celeron 847 CPU this year.

Shuttle DS47

The Shuttle DS47 will get its official coming out party at the Computex trade show in June. But Fanless Tech has posted some of the first pictures.

While the Celeron 847 isn’t exactly bleeding edge technology, this 17W Sandy Bridge chip offers more power than an Atom chip and significantly better graphics.

The Shuttle DS47 also supports up to 16GB of RAM and has a SATA III storage interface, a few PCI-E slots, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet jacks, DVI and HDMI ports, and a flash card reader.

It measures 7.9″ x 6.5″ x 1.6″ and could make a decent media center PC or a desktop system for a quiet room where you don’t want to be bothered with fan noise. The COM ports on the front are a good indication that Shuttle is also positioning this as a computer for use as a point-of-sales machine or in other commercial or corporate environments.

It’s also a low-power alternative to most desktop computers, making do with a 65W power supply.

  • BigGoofyGuy

    Since what I do at work is web based, I think it would make for a great office computer. It would be nice to have something quiet and not take up a lot of desk space.
    It did not indicate what operating system is or will be on it. It would be nice to be able to chose what operating system goes on it. It would be neat to try ReactOS on it (once they develope the ability to install it from an USB drive) or eComStation (an updated version of IBM’s OS/2 Warp).

  • Guy

    Wow, it has 2 serial ports.

  • Jon

    Anyone know of any small form factor fanless Intel Atom based device that also has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports? Thanks.

    • Dovid

      You might be interested in FitPC. They actually have models with 4 Gigabit ports (Intel).

    • James

      It’d be nice if there was a NUC variant that replaced some of the USB ports or one HDMI port for a second Ethernet port. Then you can buy one of those fanless cases for it.