Chromebook with a Haswell chip on the way

Google is apparently testing Chrome OS on a new device that’s code-named “Slippy.” According to commits to the Chromium source code, Slippy is a notebook with a keyboard, an SD card slot, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and an Intel Haswell processor.

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That’s about the source code can tell us. There’s no information on the manufacturer, screen size, battery life, or price — all features which would probably help you decide whether you really want to buy this model or not.

It’s not even clear if it’s a real device that will go on sale one day. Slippy could just be the code-name for a Haswell-based reference device used for testing purposes only.

What we do know is that Haswell is the code-name for Intel’s 4th-generation Core processor family. They’re expected to offer better performance while using less power than today’s Ivy Bridge chips. And the first Haswell processors are expected to ship this summer.

So we should start to see computers with Haswell chips hit the market later this year. And it looks like some of those computers might run Chrome OS, Google’s web browser-centric operating system.

via Chrome Story

  • sri_tech

    That’s on overkill for a browser.

    • sola

      You slap it with Ubuntu. Nuff said.

      • Lorne Hammond

        What for.. so you can install chrome and browse the web?
        Ubuntu has no place on a chromebox..

      • sola

        Maybe for using it as a full-fledged computer instead of a dumbed-down browsing machine.

      • oldarney

        Its not just a browser, its Chrome… with WebGL and NaCl. It’s not hard to push the limits of the hardware using a browser these days. The HexGL game is a perfect example.

        The netflix chrome app uses NaCl, so does the ChromeRDP app… They could really use better hardware.