Piriform is working on CCLeaner for Android

Piriform’s CCLeaner is one of the most popular apps for keeping Windows and Mac computers clean. The company’s free desktop apps  can clean up temporary files, cookies, cache files, and all sorts of other junk that accumulate on your PC.

Now Piriform is working on a mobile version of CCleaner which will perform a similar function for Android phones and tablets.

CCleaner for Android

CCleaner for Android is still a work in progress and there’s no official release date yet. But in a teaser photo posted on the Piriform blog, you can see that it will have options to clean your history, cache, and SMS/MMS, among other things.

There are already plenty of Android apps that perform similar functions, but CCleaner is a pretty trusted and well-respected name in the desktop space, and I suspect the upcoming mobile app to be pretty popular for those reasons.

In the meantime, you can always check out a few of these apps if you’re looking for ways to free up space on your mobile device:


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