Make your own Ouya game console case with a MakerBot 3D printer

The Ouya team put a lot of thought into the case for their upcoming $99 video game console. It’s baiscally a small cube with rounded corners designed to sit next to your TV without looking out of place in the living room.

But if you’d prefer different colors, a custom logo, or an entirely different shape, you can always make your own case. Ouya has partnered with MakerBot to offer downloadable templates for making Ouya cases with a 3D printer.

MakerBot Ouya

You can already download the basic design for an Ouya enclosure from MakerBot’s Thingiverse site. Working files should be available soon.

By tweaking the settings you can customize the design of your Ouya case. Or you can download the stl file and use 3D design software to customize the design before printing it.

You can’t exactly print the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor or other electronics included in the Ouya at home just yet. But the company has promised to make the Ouya game console an open platform for users, developers, and hackers. Making downloadable case designs available is certainly in keeping with that idea.

via TechCrunch


  • Rivers Silverman

    Finally, a use that i care about for 3D printing. LOL thanks for the article.


      What about dildos?

      • Michael Thompson

        They let you on here, didn’t they?

  • epinioa

    Will cost $30 in plastic to make though

    • BigGoofyGuy

      Instead of making it in the shape that they show, they indicate one can costmize it. Perhaps making it worth the $30 in plastic to make a one of kind shell for the little device?