Liliputing MK802 IIIs giveaway

The Rikomagic MK802 IIIs is a tiny Android device which you can plug into a TV to run Android apps, surf the web, play games, or perform other activities on your television.

It has a dual core processor, runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and tends to sell for around $60. But the folks at Rikomagic sent me one to take a look at recently, and since they don’t want it back I figured I’d see if one of y’all would like it.

MK802 IIIs

The MK802 IIIs features a Rockchip RK3066 ARM Cortex-A9 dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, 2 microUSB ports, a full-sized USB port, an HDMI connector, and a microSD card slot.

It also comes with an HDMI extension cable which you can use if your TV isn’t set up in a way that lets you plug th estick right into an HDMI port.

Unfortunately in my tests, the MK802 IIIs suffered from poor WiFi reception. Your results may vary depending on what WiFi router you’re using and how close you Android device is to your router, among other things.

Anyway, if you’re interesting in winning the MK802 IIIs, all you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment below by 5:00AM Eastern time, 3/18/2013
  • Make sure to have a valid email, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account associated with your commenting account so I can contact you.
  • Respond within 48 hours if your name is randomly chosen and I send you a message letting you know.

If a winner is selected but doesn’t respond, I’ll randomly select another winner.

Update: Congratulations to our winner, Warren Lian (pragmatist123)! 

Since the MK802 IIIs comes in a small box and I’m feeling generous, this contest is international – I’ll ship the prize anywhere in the world. Keep in mind, if your country requires you to pay taxes, tariffs, or other fees on prize winnings, you’ll be responsible for eating those costs yourself.

  • MGarcia

    Sweet, count me in.

  • Daniel Bartholomew

    Looks like a nice little device.

  • Tron_67

    Sounds good, I would LOVE to try one!

  • Filipe Vecchi Baltazar

    Not US only contest? I’m in!!

  • Erik

    I would love this gift.

  • Douglas Barnum

    Do you mean by 3/12/2013? Seems like I don’t want to wait till December. :-)

  • Joshua

    Maybe this would be good for testing mesh wifi stuff. Thanks, Joshua

  • wsabillon

    I have a feeling that this is going to me mine!!!

  • Flaming Homer

    12/18/2013 ? MK802 VII will be out by then !!

  • Alexander Dobler

    Would be nice to have one for my TV, because I think to use my Computer as a Server and this would come in pretty handy.

  • Mike

    So totally in!

  • Brian Sturgill

    I’d be glad to have it!

  • TXWayne

    Awesome little device, hope to win it. Would be a great birthday present for my geeky son turning 18.

  • socialexandru

    Pick me! I will love to test it!

  • Ibai Fernandez Alons

    I want one!!!

  • Jake Siemer

    I want one!

  • Richard Anderson

    Perfect for my under used hi-fi radio and hdmi monitor.

  • Warner Skoch

    Yes please!

  • Anthony Olivares

    <—Pick this guy to win!

  • Benjamin

    Thanks for the giveaway today. Sure would like to try one.

  • C.H. Suen

    Is it possible to run linux? I hope I can get one to test.

  • cy1clown

    Add me to the list.

  • Joseph Procopio

    Looks neat

  • V. hell

    i need one sooo bad (i use a wierd linux and it’s the only way for me to get netflix)

  • feris

    Nice little device, I hope in few months we get free driver for Mali 400.

  • Jonathan

    Looks pretty cool device. I like to try it on my TV.

  • Federico Leoni

    Me! It’s for me!

  • fdzimmerman

    Love to experiment with Jelly Bean & Ubuntu on this little device!

  • alfateam123

    oh, wow! I bought the first version… I liked it!
    MK802 the 2nd fixed some troubles w/ wifi, I think there will be no problem here!

  • Melanie Colletti

    pick me! I’d live to try it out!!

  • Jason Mosack

    I would love to try one of these small linux PCs

  • Miguel Bravo

    Count me in for a shot at the MK802

  • Syed Talal Mohsin

    Hi :) I would like to try one and it would be great if I could win it :)

  • Roger H.

    I’d like to enter the drawing, please. Thanks.

  • Peter D’Hoye

    Thanks for another giveaway!

  • Rico Suave

    In it to win it!

  • Sabin Alexandrescu

    Mine to keep?

  • ron

    just what i need,please pick me.thank you

  • robert santillan

    That looks pretty slick, I wouldn’t mind having one.

  • mlabrow

    Wow, awesome give away.

  • Jared N

    Please count me in. Thanks, Brad.

  • Jason

    I’ll take it!

  • andrea

    ohhhhh it looks very helpfull for my project!!

  • Matthew Walicke

    I promise I’ll take the MK802 IIIs on walks and feed it EVERY day!

  • JonP

    Cool toy, I’ve been looking to get one for a while, anybody running XBMC on one of these?What’s the verdict on speed/streaming?

  • ajw

    12/18/13 is a long ways away!

  • hkim

    Loved to try one out.

  • Johan Bernhardsson

    Planning to use one and run picuntu on it as a desktop. Would be a fun experience.

  • Fēlikss Šadeiko

    Looks cool! Have been following these for a while…

  • Danoivy

    I’d love to have one of these…

  • Julien Ouy

    Is it really 12/018/2013 ?
    Anyway, I’m in !

  • Petri Kaunisto

    Great stuff ! You are an excellent resource for goodies & news !

  • Edgaras Pocius

    Hello, I also attend in this giveaway. I am interested in these TV Boxes because I want to start something like “double eco-hosting [economical, ecological]” for my own web sites. I just was not assured, if it was possible, so it would be a great opportunity to try out.

  • Lee Smith

    Do wantz…….

  • Owen Blair

    Need 1 for the car!

  • n8dgr8

    Whoo! Totally want one. Love this site, btw.

  • jimrin

    Before 12/18/2013? Super! Just in time for Christmas!

  • 士但啦

    Another giveaway means another chance for me :)

  • dani

    Good luck!

  • Jesse Johnson

    I’d like to have one of these!

  • Larry Hanson

    I’ll give it a shot…

  • rformisa

    I like to try it

  • Estela

    How the wifi works

  • Mustafa Khan

    Would love one to run a headless server on it.

  • Grogrun

    Would love one of these!

  • Scott Ramsey

    Always love a giveaway.

  • Pedro Barricelli Neto

    I want one! 😀

  • Dimar

    I need one please :)

  • Maxime Deland

    As a long time fan of Liliputing, I know I deserve this! :-)

  • Gwenhael Le Moine

    Well, it certainly does look lovely.

  • David W.

    I’m writing interesting software specifically targeting underpowered ARM devices. Send it my way!

  • GregYohn

    I would like one…

  • eric

    I like this kind of action, success

  • Walter_Maxman

    Sign me up!

  • David R Garver

    Sure, I’d be thrilled!

  • Milon

    First i need a Tv…For this

  • Steve Glynn

    yes please!

  • Danny

    I’m in

  • cJeep


  • curtis bartley

    I would love try out one of these units.

  • Jake Parker

    My official contest entry! I hope I win!

  • Jules Kondo


  • James Brown

    Another give away. Got to love it.

  • Sean Wang

    Make my TV smarter!

  • Chris Lieggi

    could be a handy little box, and it would be darn close to my router, so I’m not concerned about wifi reception.

  • Nathan Ellsworth

    Please sign me up. I have friends that would enjoy this.

  • Magnus

    Got to me my turn one of these days…

  • James Pulker

    I would like to give this a spin.

  • Zam

    please please me!

  • George

    Thank you very much.

  • jup lato


  • ILikeAndroid


  • Onyros

    Pick me! Pick me! 😛

  • Matej Frančić

    It would be great to hook it up to monitor and use it as desktop replacement (probably with PicUntu). It only consumes ~5W and it’s more than powerfull enough for web browsing, email, learning, youtube, casual gaming and more. Compared to >100W full desktop computer (that runs pretty much all day), this would really save some money on electric bills.

  • Jack Carver


  • Sergio Riccetti Schubert

    Would love to win! :)

  • James McGregor

    Count me in! Liliputing is awesome and I’d love to win.

  • Travis Moser

    Heck, yeah I would like the mk802.

    Thanks Brad

  • sickgrinder

    I would love to win this as well!!

  • tibiubi

    great device! 😉

  • Chris Jones

    You are awesome… I could really think up a few cool projects where this would come into use…

  • Korfiatis Panayiotis

    nice thinking!!
    Nice little device!

  • Russell Thorp

    Nice prize!

  • Norton Peabody

    Good luck to all…

  • sung kim

    I would luv one!

  • ihaveadrin

    Lol, noice

  • pragmatist123

    Hope I win!

  • Narmer

    Me, please.

  • Jānis Bebrītis

    I could use one :)

  • rey.ahTboR

    Very coooool!, I have been wanting one of these for a while now. Thank you for the post.

  • Laurent Simon

    Thanks Brad

  • Alex

    Awesome giveaway!!!!!!!

  • Yudit Kho

    I’ll take it if its free.

  • Eickhel Mendoza

    Nice, let’s see what can we do with this 😉

  • Sam Mulvey

    I’d love to try to make a laptop out of one.

  • Juan Camilo Rozo

    I can use it!

  • Ali Tlisov

    me one please

  • Cody

    I had no idea these things existed. That’s pretty sweet

  • Brian Amreihn

    Not sure if my first comment stuck.

  • Felix

    I’ve been wanting to buy one of these!

  •égory-Péruchon/100003607264350 Grégory Péruchon

    I would love one!

  • Tako Gyula Laszlo

    Nice, I love win one :).

  • john musevu

    musing over potential application

  • WhoopJack

    Pick me, pick me!

  • Martin Berglund

    I would love one!

  • Artist

    Great idea. Nice of you to give it away.

  • LarsFromMars


  • David Essex

    What a wonderfully nice thing to do!!!!

  • leo

    Awesome! I’d like a chance, too

  • ROhith M

    LOL this time I will be the winner ( 😉 )

  • theresa

    Me too!

  • Kenneth Blanks

    Going to have to get one of these.

  • Nic

    Nice giveaway!

  • origamidoc

    This looks like a fun gadget. I’d love one!

  • GLaz

    Want it :)

  • Homero Leal

    I want it! I want it!

  • Cuzmo

    wow that would be a nice one to win;-)

  • Anand


  • Miloslav Kmeť


  • omar b

    Santa didn’t bring me anything this past Christmas, pick me.

  • Eric

    At least this time….. !!!

  • Nick F


  • Adam Walker

    ooooh nice!!!

  • Tim

    I’ve been looking at these things and am intrigued….

  • Alex Shkurko

    i’d like to have this)

  • ne-yo-gabba-gabba-hey

    happy to throw my hat in the ring. best of luck everyone!

  • Alex Shkurko

    i’d like t have this unit)

  • pmisisco

    yeah buddy! Thanks Brad!

  • Jael

    I would LOVE one of these to use as a mini HTPC!!!!

  • Gediminas Šedbaras

    why not :) I’m in!

  • mike sullivan

    Oh goody, another chance to not win an Android stick.


  • rgomesf

    I like one please :-)

  • Mishel Qirinxhi

    my daughter will love it. thank you

  • leojuk

    I will put it inside my router and see how the wifi performs then.

  • Girolamo Vultaggio

    I want one, thanks

  • mrwed

    I’d love to experiment with this gadget. By the way, I’ve enjoyed reading this site for a couple of years now…one of my favorites. You and Chippy and Sascha all do excellent work. Thanks.

  • Benjamin Rudolf Lewitt IV

    Super excited about this sort of use for Android… would love it win one too.

  • Will Meister

    Hey, I’d love the Riko! My name is Will and I’m at Thanks.

  • Emil Mitrasca

    I will try my luck,

  • Wellington Zangari

    Yeaaa, ME!!! It goes to Brazil!!!

  • andrew stock

    I want one!

  • Thomas T. McLean

    Please warm up a canadian’s never-ending winter.

  • rundipumm

    why wouldn’t it be me? :)

  • Kevin

    I’d would like to try one of these things out. For free would be even better.

  • Christopher Mateski

    I’m in.

  • Henry Lam

    yes please you are SUPER generous!!

  • charliearthur

    Oh this would be awesome!

  • Kendrick Curry

    Please i would like you on facebook….?

  • Lucas Machado

    I will WIN!!

  • Veronica Burgos


  • Danny Costa

    love to have one of this and turn my old tv to a smart tv

  • A frivolutionary

    I’d like one

  • iweb9

    Great blog!

  • Dan Andersson

    I’m of one mind to buy one but wouldn’t mind a free one :)

  • Padma

    it is kind of getting out of date with the upcomming quad core arm CPUs.

  • Lucas Machado

    I will WIN!!!

  • Fazahim Noormohamed

    It would be mine

  • Noor S

    Amazing device . I can’t wait to have one hooked onto my PS3 3D monitor. Pick Me!!!

  • Castaa

    Me !

  • Aaron Lang


  • Jerry Minor

    Please toss my name in the hat. Thanks.

  • Michael Bamberg

    I’m in for a chance!

  • Thomas Schuster

    I’ll connect it to my projector

  • A Exaey

    Me want!

  • Dave Edge

    Thanks, I’ve been looking at these for a while and can’t make my mind up due to the dodgy wifi on them.

  • B J Books

    Free is good. Pick me.

  • QuanahHarjo

    Would love to experiment with one of those! I’ve been looking at one to use as a tiny file server, and this might just fit the bill :-)

  • Tara Kitchen

    Hello this would be awesome!!!! Put me in! Thank-You!

  • Rick Villela

    Love the blog and the clean, to the point writing style.

  • Ice Coffee

    Just came across this site as I was researching Android tablets.
    Got side tracked by Rikomagic MK802 IIIs review and video.
    Seems like a nice gadget to have. Thanks for review.

  • Steve DeNeefe

    I would be willing to try it. :)

  • Dominik Zabicki

    Liliputing is one of my top 5 websites, it would be nice to win Android on stick :)

  • Dominik Zabicki

    Liliputing is one of my top 5 websites, It would be nice to win android on stick :)

  • ivanzzUK

    Great little gadget. Count me in

  • coussemaeker

    I’d like to be randomly chosen 😉

  • axmir

    When will they have a quad-core version, dual-core will due for now, very cool!

  • Venkat Bommakanti

    Yo MK802 IIIS, wanna “friend” me ;?)

  • Frdo25

    I volunteer as tribute

  • Ricky

    Does disqus count as having a valid email?

  • Dan Childs

    Would love to have this on my main tv. :-)

  • guster

    lightweight baby!

  • Jose Alarcon

    Looks geeky. Me likes.

  • Alex Rivera

    My brother-in-law is too cheap to buy a media streaming device. I am willing to bite the bullet and set-up this mini PC to get him off my back!!!

  • Darren Enns

    Like to try for it :)

  • Eyal Cohen

    I would love to have this as my new linux toy!

  • Eric Chudzinski


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    Would be nice to tinker with

  • verybiased

    Thanks in advance 😉

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    I’m really excited about this new model! I really enjoy the blogs on the Android PCs; they’re very informative! I can really understand whats out on the market and what’s the right one for me.

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    This thing is cool i could plug it into my laptop and start my gaming and even more

  • PreXi

    How about I pay for shipping?

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    Count me in! I’m sure I could find lots of awesome uses for it :)

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    Good luck to those who entered, is an interesting prize :D.

  • Robinsob

    My Sharp TV could use something other than Xbox for an internet connection. Just found your Blog tonight, you provide a good service.

  • Tony Casagrande

    Hey. Hey! HEY! Come on now… I live in Minnesota and I’m bored out of my gourd, help a brother out…

  • Tom Costello

    Liliputing Rocks!


    These little guys are uber sexy. I love that the market has gone this way. Soooooo many ideas for these.

  • Daniel Chartrand

    I love free stuff

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    Thanks for the prior review on this. I am waiting for these to become more stable until I buy an Android TV stick. Too many variables (OS version, WiFi reception, CPU/GPU, etc.) at this point.

  • monoreviews

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    it is one of my daily rituals, checking in on site
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    I had one but it busted before I received it!! Guess I’ll wait till I’m out of school, nice review by the way.

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    Love the site, great reviews! Waiting for an Archos TV Connect, but I’d gladly try the MK802 IIIs in the meantime! Fingers crossed!

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    Well, I would not mind turning my old Hanspree 37″ TV into a modern smart TV 😉

  • Sai Gautam

    A capable device that has not got plenty of competitors. Someone should try to add more features to it and improve the software. As for me I’d like to see Display Link support on these.

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    taking my chance too

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    I could certainly put this to some good use, I am looking at different ways to convert my non-smart TVs. I have already done one with RASPBMC.

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    Rikomagic MK802 III Free can’t beat that!

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  • San Dél

    The MK80″X”s are known for the poor Wi-Fi signal due to an antenna fault.
    If I’ll win it, I can have a go to fix it & I’ll let you know how it works!
    Regards! :)

  • Jeremiah Yong

    I would really love to get one of these its sometimes really difficult to do basic things like email and surfing the web on my iPhone. Can’t get this in Singapore so I hope I win one!

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    About a month ago I was searching eBay for one of these great gadgets, but at a low price.
    I found one Chinese seller that had it for $18. I thought to myself “What a bargain!!”; so, I ordered 2!
    This was on a Saturday. On Monday, when I checked my order, the seller appeared as “No longer an eBay member”, thing that got a bit worried. But, by the end of the day, my item appeared as “Dispatched”, so I was happy again.
    After about 2 long weeks of item tracking madness, I received a tiny envelope from China (with the tracking code given to my eBay transaction), containing 2 pearl-like spheres. God, that was disappointing.
    Now, I have opened a case against the seller in the “Resolution center”, hoping to, at least, get my money back.
    And that, my friend, was the first time I’ve been scammed on eBay (hopefully the last)!!
    Regards from Gloucestershire!

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