Deals of the Day (3-11-2013)

Marvel #1 sale

Marvel Comics is giving away more than 700 free digital comic book issues which you can read on a PC or tablet. The 2-day promotion features first issues of hundreds of different titles, which means that if you get hooked you’re probably going to end up spending more money to keep reading.

But still, you can grab hundreds of dollars worth of digital content to read for free — and that’s never a bad thing (unless you’re not particularly a fan of comic books).

update: The deal proved a little too popular, and crashed the severs. So it’s been cancelled – no free comics today.

Here are some of the day’s best deals on mobile devices and accessories.

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  • Coach B

    The Marvel/Comixology deal would be great if they could keep their servers up. Color me a sad panda.

    • Renee Auclair

      Another FAIL just like the most recent Sim City.

    • strider_mt2k