Buffalo Voltissimo USB battery pack can charge an iPhone in 15 minutes

Portable battery packs that can charge your smartphone’s dead or dying battery are a dime a dozen (or pretty close, anyway). But Buffalo is charging a premium for its new Voltissimo USB charger, because it’s got a few nifty tricks up its sleeve.

The Buffalo Voltissimo can fully charge an iPad battery in just 15 minutes.

Buffalo Voltissimo

That kind of speed doesn’t come cheap — the Voltissimo sells for about $190 and up in Japan.

Buffalo will offer two models, a 4000mAh version and a model with a higher-capacity 8000mAh battery which can fully charge an iPhone up to 4 times.

You can also use them to charge other phones or tablets and pretty much anything that can draw power from a USB port.

Not only can you recharge a mobile device quickly with a Voltissimo, the device’s built-in battery also recharges pretty quickly. Buffalo says it should take about 47 minutes to charge the 4000mAh model, and twice as long to charge the 8000mAh version.

There’s no word on if or when the Buffalo Voltissimo will be available outside of Japan.

via Akihabara News

  • Tom

    I wonder how they did this. When charging the device being charged is usually the one requesting the amount of current and not the charger.

    Also, doesn’t rapid charging degrade batteries faster? Kind of bad for non-removable batteries. I’d still like something this for my phone since I can replace the battery.

  • Francesco Magazzu’

    Would be interesting to see this tech applied to E-Car :) (or maybe it derive from it … )