$79 GameStick video game console becomes a media center with XBMC support

The GameStick is an upcoming device which lets you turn your TV into a video game console by sticking a $79 stick into the HDMI port to run Android video games which you can control using a wireless gamepad.

But like many other game consoles, you’ll also be able to use the GameStick as a media center device. The makers of the GameStick have announced they’re working with Pivos to bring support for the XBMC media center application to the GameStick.


XBMC is a cross-platform media center utility which lets you watch movies, listen to music, or view photos. It’s optimized for big-screen televisions, and includes a number of nifty features such as the ability to automatically download album art, movie poster art, and other data from the internet.

It also supports a rich system of plugins which let you stream media from sites such as Grooveshark, YouTube, and other online media sites.

GameStick isn’t exactly the only game in town. The Ouya $99 Android-based game console also supports XBMC, and really, you can install XBMC on nearly any Android devices with relatively recent hardware. But it’s nice to know that the GameStick developers will be offering official support for the powerful media app.

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