Sony throws its hat in the ring of Firefox OS

Sony is the latest company to announce plans to release a phone featuring Mozilla’s open source and web-based Firefox OS. The Next Web reports that Sony and Spanish wireless operator Telefonica announced plans to launch a Firefox OS handset in 2014.

Firefox OS

The move doesn’t mean Sony is moving away from Android. Right now all of the company’s top-tier phones are running Google’s mobile operating system.

But Firefox OS appears to be gaining momentum from wireless carriers and device makers. This week Mozilla announced that it has already lined up 18 wireless carrier partners as well as handset makers including Alcatel, Huawei, and ZTE.

Noticeably absent? Samsung. The Korean company is also looking to expand its horizons beyond Google Android, but Samsung is investing in the Linux-based Tizen as an alternate operating system for smartphones rather than Firefox OS.

  • phissith

    Question, whats wrong with Android? Not open enough? I can understand Samsung or other device maker doesn’t want to put all their eggs with Android. I also understand the different between Window phone 8 os, Apple OS. But what can Firefox, Tizen or Canonical can do that Android can’t? Why are they….jumping ship? Whats wrong with Andriod OS??

    • ddevine

      Java. Google.