Pre-order the $100 Ouya game console at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target

The Ouya game console is a video game console with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and Android-based operating system. It comes with a wireless controller and it’s designed to make it easy for developers to port their mobile games to the big screen, create new titles optimized for televisions, and to give users a platform for playing free and paid Android games in the living room.

After raising millions of dollars in a Kickstarter funding campaign, the Ouya Team started taking pre-orders for the game console through its website, for folks that didn’t get a chance to reserve a unit during the fundraising round.

Now it looks like there will be another way to pick up a $100 Ouya game console: It will be available from a number of national retailers in the US.

Ouya video game console

Amazon, Best Buy, and Target are already taking pre-orders for the Ouya for $99.99. According to the Wall Street Journal, it will also be available from Gamestop.

While the initial Ouya units should start shipping to customers starting in April, it’s not expected to be available in stores until June.

In addition to operating as a game console, the Ouya box will support media apps such as XBMC and Plex, Vevo, iheartradio and TuneIn, making it a relatively inexpensive device for bringing internet audio and video to your TV.

But there are no shortage of those these days. It’s really the focus on games that makes the Ouya stand out.

  • strider_mt2k

    Makes me glad I preordered when I did.
    The low cost well appeal to many.

  • sola

    Sounds like good price for a Tegra3 system.

    I have been waiting for a quad-core offering which runs Linux well. So far the i.MX6 seems to be closest but still there is no Ubuntu ported onto any of the sticks (not even unofficially).

    The OUYA may fare better with Linuxers because it will be sold in really big quantities.