Leap Motion coming in May for $80 (Add motion controls to your PC)

The Leap Motion Controller is a device that lets you interact with a computer using gesture-based controls by waiving your hands in the air (whether or not you care). Leap Motion has been showing off the technology for a few months, and now the company has announced that the Leap Motion Controller will be available May 13th, 2013 for $79.99.

Leap Motion

It will also be available at Best Buy locations in the US on May 19th. You can pre-order today from Leap Motion or Best Buy.

The controller is a small device that you can plug into a computer running Windows 7 or later or Mac OS X 10.7 or later to add support for 3D gesture-based controls.

With the Leap Motion software installed on those computers, you can interact with games, art software, and other apps using gestures. And we’re not just talking about waving your hands in front of a camera — the Leap Motion Controller can track gestures as small as 1/100th of a millimeter at 290 frames per second.

In other words, you can pinch your fingers together or make slight movements and the Leap Motion system will pick them up. It can track 10 fingers at a time.

At launch, supported apps will include Autodesk, Corel Painter, and games including Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph game.

Leap Motion will also have an app store where you can find third-party software developed to work with the technology.

  • Voltron

    Holy Crap! Now if someone will make a Driver for Android 4+ for it, we could connect it to a device like the Rikomagic MK802 IIIs TV stick and Gesture control it on our tv’s! like a normal Android Device!! :) The Possibilities are limitless!!

  • Kory

    Geez!! I have to use chopsticks to play Angry birds.

  • dun

    Wow! Now we’re talking!

    Can it be used similar to a laser projection keyboard too? I.e. you’d have a keyboard layout on a foldable piece of paper. Type away and Leap would convert finger positions to letters.

  • http://rct.me.ht/ crashsuit

    I’m really looking forward to reviews from people using this thing with art programs.

  • Bill Smith

    My Leap Motion controller arrived in the mail today.