Jolla releases Sailfish OS Alpha developer tools (MeeGo revisited)

Jolla Mobile has released the first version of a software developer kit for Sailfish, a new operating system for mobile devices that’s based on Nokia’s abandoned MeeGo Linux platform.

It will likely be a little while before we start to see phones or other devices ship with Sailfish, but developers interested in kicking the tires of the platform and coding apps for Sailfish can now check out the SDK.

Sailfish emulator

The SDK is available for computers running 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Linux, and includes a Sailfish emulator, among other things. Windows and OS X tools should be available eventually.

While Sailfish is very much its own operating system, it might not matter if there aren’t thousands of third party apps available on day one though: You’ll be able to run at least some Android apps on Sailfish devices.

via MeeGo Experts and @JollaHQ

  • RColistete

    Mer/Sailfish OS has full Linux inside : kernel, X11, glibc, qt4/qt5, gcc, python, etc.

  • RColistete

    Sailfish OS is a full Linux OS : kernel, glibc, X11, Qt4/Qt5, gcc, python, etc.

  • phissith

    As if we don’t have enough choices to make on devices, now we have to choose the best OS!!