Dev channel coming to the Chrome browser for Android

Google offers three different versions of the Chrome web browser: Stable, Beta, and Dev. Depending on which channel you use, you can get the latest stable build of the browser or sacrifice some stability in exchange for the chance to test out some of the newest features sooner (and to help find bugs in the software).

Up until recently the stable, dev, and beta channels were only available for Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. But last month Google rolled out a Beta channel option for Android, and it looks like you’ll soon be able to run the Chrome dev channel on Android to check out bleeding edge versions of the browser.

Chrome Dev for Android

Developer François Beaufort noticed the new Dev channel in the list of the latest builds of Chrome for various platforms.

Chrome Dev for Android doesn’t seem to be available for download from the Play Store yet, but it might just be hiding. It’s tough to find Chrome Beta for Android if you don’t have a link.

Chrome Beta added experimental support for WebGL and other experimental features through the use of chrome://flags. It’s not yet clear what new options or features will be available in the Dev channel.

Personally I’m waiting until Chrome for Android adds support for plugins such as LastPass before I make the switch from Dolphin Browser.