Deals of the Day (2-25-2013)

Sony Vaio T13

Sony has a tendency to push premium laptops rather than low-cost models. But when it comes to ultrabooks, the company has some of the most affordable models around.

Right now you can pick up a Sony Vaio T13 for $670 and up — but if you apply a coupon code you can bring that starting price down to $569.

That will snag you a 13 inch thin and light laptop with an Intel Core i3 Ivy Bridge processor and a 1366 x 768 pixel display. You can also pay extra to upgrade to a faster processor, add a touchscreen, or apply other options.

Here are some of the day’s best deals on mobile devices.

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  • Trademark Dave

    Anything extra to get Windows 7 on that laptop?

  • strider_mt2k

    I read a couple of posts on Woot about the refurb Toshiba tablets not getting OS updates.
    Seems weird to me.