Build a giant Android tablet (or kiosk) with an Android TV stick + touch frame

You can take any old Android TV stick, plug it into your TV and add a keyboard, mouse or remote to run Android apps on a big screen. But what if you want to add support for multi-touch so you can really use your big screen like a big tablet?

Peau Productions has put together a PQ Labs Android mini PC and an PQ Labs Touch Frame to create a TV-sized tablet that could be used for digital signage, a kiosk-type setup, or for some heavy-duty Angry Birds sessions on your TV.

PQ Labs iStick with touch frame

The PQ Labs iStick A200 is an Android mini PC with a Rockchip RK3066 dual core processor, Mali 400 quad-core graphics, 2GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. There’s a USB port on one end and an HDMI port on the other. It sells for about $79 and comes pre-rooted.

The PQ Labs Multi-Touch G4 frame is a  32 inch or larger overlay frame that you can use with a projector or TV display to add support for multi-touch input.

Prics for the frames start at about $467. So while the iStick A200 won’t put a big dent in your wallet, the whole kit doesn’t come particularly cheap. Still, it’s pretty impressive that you can set up a fully functional touchscreen device that runs Android apps including a web browser, video player, Google Maps, and many other apps.

via CNX-Software

  • zdanee

    What do I need for my run-of-the-mill TV-stick to support touch input? Most touch panels use USB, so I guess the magic is in the Android part of this. Could be interesting getting a hold of that Android image, you can buy cheap used touch monitors nowdays.

  • cwal

    this would make for an awesome (read: futuristic) coffee table

  • Maventwo

    With the new MHL-standard where the micro-USB contact shall be used for transmit HDTV-resolution between smartphones,tablet pc and other smaller computers.

    With the MHL-standard for using the micro-USB for HDTV-resolution it should also be used for USB-stick mini computers instead of the mini-HDMI contact!

  • fwupow

    500 bucks for a touch-frame? Might as well buy and entire new touchscreen monitor.

  • buzz86us

    wow Pixel Qi needs to face facts that nobody wants their overpriced LCD screen I remember being very excited for their offerings until I saw the price was more than the netbook that I would have put it in…

    • Brad Linder

      As far as I’m aware, PQ Labs has no affiliation with Pixel Qi. They just have the same initials.