Arnova SoundPad is a home media player with the guts of a tablet

Archos is taking another swing at the smart clock radio space with the Arnova SoundPad. It’s basically what you’d get if you fused a 7 inch Android tablet with a small stand and a set of desktop speakers.

In other words, it’s like a big, next-generation Archos 35 Home Connect.

Arnova SoundPad

The Arnova SoundPad features a 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 7 inch 1024 x 600 pixel display and a capacitive touch panel.

While the specs are a bit underwhelming by today’s tablet standards, I wouldn’t expect anyone to use the Arnova SoundPad for serious gaming or other tasks that require a faster processor. A Cortex-A8 chip should be fast enough to handle audio and video playback as well as some light web browsing, video chat, or other basic tasks.

The SoundPad supports both WiFi and Ethernet connections, features a mic and front-facing webcam, a microUSB port, and a microSD card slot in case the 8GB of built-in storage isn’t enough for you.

The SoundPad isn’t available in the US yet, but you can pre-order one from Amazon Germany for 150 Euros, or about $205 US.

via TechHive

  • monopole

    I think I’ve found a successor to my Infocast 8 and Sony Dashes

  • strider_mt2k

    I use my tablet in this way utilizing a dock on my night stand connected to a bluetooth speaker. The combination makes for incredible versatility.

    This is a segment that I have to question the need for to be honest, but okay.

  • toronado455

    This seems way better than the Archos 35 Home Connect. I zoomed in on the pictures on the site, and it appears to have a full-size SD card slot, an audio line-out jack, and a full-size HDMI port, in addition to the Ethernet and micro-USB. Along with the mic and front facing cam, this is a very good assortment of features for this type of gadget. Styling is nice too. I’m very impressed.

    Anyone know what the “G-Sensor” is?

    • Anonymous Viper 7

      A “G-Sensor” is an accelerometer. It detects motion and is used in games or when you rotate the device and the stuff on the screen move with it.

  • Grace Aniversario Limpiada

    Just launch the EmoPlayer and it will update, now you can watch your fav youtube video even if you are offline from EmoPlayer’s cache, see the video below: