VIA launches ARMTiGO A800 mini-PC for embedded applications

VIA has been offering a series of small form factor PCs for use in embedded applications (such as digital signage) for a few years under the VIA ARTiGO brand. Now the company is adding a model with a low power ARM-based processor to the lineup, and calling it the VIA ARMTiGO A800.

via armtigo a800

The A800 features an 800 MHz Freescale i.MX537 ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of flash storage, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, microSD, and 4 USB 2.0 ports. There’s also an optional USB WiFi module.

VIA’s little computer is a low power machine with a 3.14W TDP, but it can handle 1080p HD video playback.

The case measures 4.9″ x 4.7″ x 1.2″ and includes space for a 2.5 inch hard drive.

VIA says the system can handle Android 2.3 or Linux-based operating systems using the Linux 2.6 kernel. In other words, it’s not exactly a bleeding edge system — but given its target market, it probably doesn’t have to be. While it might look like a nice device for hobbyists, it’s really meant for embedded applications including use in medical systems, surveillance, hotel automation, or signage.

There’s no word on how much the ARMTiGO A800 system will sell for.

via Fanless Tech

  • strider_mt2k

    Wow, now just make a box like that, with lots of USB ports, hard drive support and a modern strong quad-core SOC under the hood running Android Jelly Bean and I think I’d be all over it!

    (I’m still leaning towards pre-ordering an Ouya console)

    …but then again I’m mildly obsessed with these lightweight-yet-capable systems right now. There’s no telling what the consumer market would do with it or if there would be interest.

    • Arrdee

      It needs at least built-in WiFi with decent antennas, double the clock speed, and double the RAM. But targeting a market niches it does it will never have the volume to be cheap either.