This could be what the Samsung Galaxy note 8.0 looks like

Samsung has already confirmed plans to unveil an 8 inch Galaxy Note at Mobile World Congress in February. Now we may have an idea what that tablet will look like.

Twitter user @Claisifatearg has posted a photo allegedly showing a flyer for the upcoming tablet, complete with pictures of the front and back of the device.

If the picture is real, it looks like the Galaxy Note 8.0 may share more DNA with its 5.5 inch smartphone sibling than with the larger Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. It kind of looks like what you’d get if you just blew up the Galaxy Note 2 (which I suppose could also be an indication that the pictures are ‘shopped – as is the fact that ClasificateArg’s Twitter account looks pretty anemic).

The 8 inch tablet is expected to have a 1280 x 800 pixel display, 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, and 2GB of RAM. Like other members of the Note family, it will have an S-Pen which you can use to write or draw on the screen with pressure-sensitive input, as well as S-Pen software that lets you jot notes on screenshots, preview videos while scrubbing, and perform other pen-friendly tricks.

Samsung will apparently ship the Galaxy note 8 with Android 4.2 software, and it’s expected to be available with up to 32GB of storage, a microSD card slot, WiFI, Bluetooth, and at least an option for HSPA+ connectivity.

via SamMobile

  • JDW

    That looks fake as heck…

  • Norton Peabody

    Looks promising… I like it’s 8″ screen size and aspect ratio…

  • Wayne Beasley

    priced like an iPad min? This will be a hit.

  • JR

    One of the attractive things about the Note 10.1 was the dual speakers. This one has “one” and it’s where your ear would go if you were to hold it for a phone call. Obviously fake. I expect something similar to the Note 10.1, but with better specs. 1280×800 is not that great, as the ppi will be much lower than on the 5.5 Note II. With that said, 1920×1080 requires a premium on the tablet cost…I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I have way too many tablets as it is anyway.

  • JR

    Note, that another proof that it’s fake is that it doesn’t have a slot for an s-pen