Pick up a refurbished Kindle for as little as $25

In the market for a new, old eReader? It looks like someone is holding a liquidation sale on refurbished Amazon Kindle products. You can pick up the original Kindle Fire for $120, the Kindle 4 for $55, or if you’re really cheap, a 1st-generation Kindle for just $25.

You won’t get some of the latest features with these devices. For instance, the Kindle Paperwhite not only has a front-lit display, but also a higher resolution display than most earlier Kindles.

But the prices are pretty hard to beat.


Kindle Sale


Here are some of the Kindle Deals available from eBay today:

  • 1st Gen Kindle: $25
  • Kindle 2: $40
  • Kindle 4: $55
  • Kindle Keyboard: $60
  • Kindle Keyboard w/3G: $65
  • 1st gen Kindle Fire: $120
  • Kindle DX w/9.7″ display, 3G: $160

I’ve rarely seen better prices on any of those models.

via The Digital Reader

  • boonesimpson

    Yeah I bought a kindle for e-ink just before the refurbs starting nose diving in price. At these prives I might buy another for the misses

  • CampGareth

    Shame about import duty to the UK, a Kindle DX was pretty tempting but £130 is more than I can spare on a whim (£99 straight conversion would be doable). I picked up a Kindle 1st gen for £32, not bad.