Kogan Agora contract-free 5″ Android phone coming in February for $149

Australian electronics retailer Kogan plans to enter the US market in February with a  5 inch, $149 Android smartphone that will be available contract-free. The idea is you’ll be able to pick up the Kogan Agora smartphone in the uS and use it on a pay-as-you-go plan from AT&T, T-Mobile, or an MVNO which works on those networks (such as Straight Talk).

The phone is already available for pre-order from Kogan.

Kogan Agora smartphone

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a company push a large Android phone as a contract-free device. Google sells unlocked Nexus 4 smartphones through its website for $349.

But the Google Nexus 4 is hard to come by, due to supply shortages.

Kogan’s phone offers a much cheaper alternative, and  since there’s no subsidy to help bring down the up-front cost of the phone, customers could save hundreds of dollars in wireless carrier fees they’d normally pay over the course of a 2-year contract.

Of course, a phone which sells for $149 isn’t going to offer bleeding edge specs. The Kogan Agora has a 1 GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 512MB of RAM, and just 4GB of built-in storage, although there is a microSD card slot for expansion.

It runs Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, has a 5MP rear camera, and a VGA front-facing camera, supports 802.11n WiFi and HSPA. There’s no 4G LTE support.

The phone also has an 800 x 480 pixel display with a pixel density of 186 ppi, which is pretty low compared to the latest high-end smartphones.

Kogan is taking pre-orders for the $149 smartphone now, and plans to ship the Kogan Agora phone in mid-February

via CNET and Engadget

  • nards barley

    Those specs are equal to or better than the Samsung Galaxy S wifi 5.0 which has the same resolution, 384k of ram, and 1ghz single core processor, Sounds to me this will be a nice ugrade to my Galaxy Player.

    • nards barley

      Except my GP has 8gb of storage I believe.

  • JoshD321

    The deal breaker for me on this device is no option for direct video output such as micro-hdmi or mhl. Otherwise, at this price point, I would be comfortable with the WVGA screen since it is the same as my Dell Streak.

    • nards barley

      How many phones do?

      • http://rct.me.ht/ crashsuit

        I’m pretty sure more smartphones come with it than without it these days.

  • Woompa

    This sounds like a really good deal. Are there any other comparable phones in this price range that I should look into before pre-ordering? I cant keep waiting on the Nexus 4 to be in stock and this price is wayyy lower. (I just hope it actually gets clear reception)

  • phissith

    look up pantech burst on ebay for $119 new,LTE and 16 GB

    • buzz86us

      I agree that is a nice phone however the bands on it won’t fully support T-Mobile, i’d be limited to edge and I don’t have $45-$50 every month for straight talk or net 10…

  • ddevine

    I ordered my Kogan SIM a few days ago for their new network (atop Telstras 2G and 3G networks, the only other 3rd party on Telstra AFAIK) and I should have it next week some time. This looks like the phone I will probably get when I receive my Pebble (which doesn’t support Windows Phone 7.5). I’m pretty sure they’ll offer it in AU, as Kogan are an Australian company.
    A few years ago when Android was first coming out Kogan got a lot of press when they announced they were going to release a $200 phone (which may have also been called the Agora IIRC) – which would have been the first affordable Android phone on the market. A few weeks later they announced that the release was cancelled because the hardware wasn’t good enough.

  • William Paul

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  • kmand

    A little disappointing for T-mobile, 3G only (no HSPA+), no 1700 mhz.

    • buzz86us

      yeah and finding any plan using ATT network for under $50 is very difficult.

      • Woompa

        Doesn’t the StraightTalk plan from Walmart use the AT&T network? I think its like $45/month. I am on Walmart Family Mobile for $40/month and it uses T-mobile towers. I will probably switch to Straightalk because even though data is supposedly limited to 2GB, the T-mobile/Family Mobile network is so slow I am lucky to even hit 1 GB/month..

      • buzz86us

        yesh but I don’t count straighttalk because they throttle like crazy.

      • dnyank1

        they throttle after 2.5, maybe even 3.0GB….

        And even then I get 1Mbit/sec speeds. not bad at all.