J5 Create Android Mirror cable turns your PC into a big display for your Android phone

If you have a recent Android phone, odds are you have a microUSB cable you can use to connect it to a PC to charge your phone and transfer files. The J5 Create Android Mirror JUC600 is a cable that does that… but it also lets you mirror your Android display on your PC>

That means you can view Android apps on a larger screen and play games, send text messages, or do just about any other Android activity on a notebook or desktop PC.

J5 Create

You can either use a keyboard and mouse to interact with Android using the window on your PC, or just pick up your phone and use it normally — everything you do on your phone will be mirrored on the big screen, and vice versa.

There is one problem: there’s enough lag to make watching videos or playing games possible, but not exactly perfect.

I was able to play a few rounds of Angry Birds and Cut The Rope in a demo, but the graphics definitely weren’t running at 30 frames per second. I suspect games where reaction time is even more important, such as first-person shooters would be even more problematic.

The software all comes preloaded on a stick connected to the USB cable, so there’s nothing to install. But you’ll need a device running Android 3.1 or later, and a computer running Windows XP or later.

J5 Create says the Android Mirror has a suggested retail price of about $50, but it’s already available for purchase for as little as $32.

Unfortunately, according to at least one v Amazon reviewer, the Android Mirror appears not to work with phones that have been rooted.

  • Me

    It’d be great if I can mirror my Android phone onto my car’s touch capable nav screen instead.

  • sagar

    This Is also Do using Screen Cast in andoid …..

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.gosnell David Gosnell

    Although it’s not a direct screen mirroring facility (so not relevant for gaming), AirDroid is a terrific app for sharing your phone’s functionality on the desktop (via wi-fi) and is probably more optimised for the medium. Fully cross platform, and supporting file transfers etc too.

  • John Morris

    You do understand the cable is only a security dongle to let them charge more for an Android app than almost anyone else has managed, right?

  • Commenter;)

    And what about freeware mymobiler that do the same on usb as well as wifi!