Google Play Magazines now has “free for print subscribers” option

Google has added a new payment option to the Google Play Magazine store… and by payment option, I mean an option not to pay a penny. If you already subscribe to the print edition of a magazine, you may now be able to get the digital version for free.

Free for print subscribers

Not all magazines are supported, and I suspect some publications may charge extra before giving you a login that works on a tablet.

For instance, Wired Magazine usually charges more for a print+tablet subscription than for a print-only subscription. But I haven’t been able to confirm whether that’s also the case with the new Google Play Magazines feature since I seem to be having a problem setting up an online account to go with my Wired subscription.

I’m also not generally a big fan of digital magazines, which are often just reproductions of the print edition, ads and all, only on a smaller screen. But I was kind of hoping to check this out on the one magazine I do have a subscription for.

  • strider_mt2k

    I wish they had Air and Space Smithsonian…