Gigabyte’s U2442DT is an ultrabook built for gamers

Last year Gigabyte released a 14 inch ultrabook with NVIDIA graphics. This year the company is updating that notebook with an even more powerful graphics card, as well as a touchscreen display.

The Gigabyte U2442DT is a 3.5 pound notebook with a 14 inch, 1600 x 900 pixel touchscreen display, an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 730m graphics.

Gigabyte U2442

Gigabyte will offer the notebook with a choice of an Intel Core i4 or Core i7 processor, and bother models will feature 8GB of memory.

The ultrabook features 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and VGA ports, and Ethernet and SD card slots.

There’s no word on the price or release date for the new model, but you can pick up last year’s Gigabyte U2442 for $1099 and up.

via Ultrabook News

  • strider_mt2k

    Gamers don’t want an Ultrabook built for gaming, they want a notebook that’s ultra good at gaming.
    (Sorry I had to try a twist on the old Starkist Tuna tagline…)

  • Michel Drolet-Gravel

    Gamers want an ultra book with a full HD screen

    • Daniel Czuba

      No, we don’t. HD+ is ideal, since there is no powerful enough GPU in ultrabooks for playing games in fHD.

  • krash3x

    I just want an ultrabook that can game and doesn’t have crappy screen like the Mllx and the 11 in Clevos. There is no excuse for putting a cheap low grade tn panel when prices aren’t that high anymore. Hell I would pay extra if it was an option

  • James

    Rubbish screen on the u2442 , total rubbish what a waste such a great laptop but they skimp on the screen, there is no excuse when mobile phones have better screens.