Gigabyte tweaks Intel NUC, designs mini-desktop with up to Core i7 CPU

The Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a platform for a tiny desktop computer that measures just over 4″ x 4″ and which features an Intel Core i3 processor. But that’s not good enough for Gigabyte.

The PC maker has taken Intel’s design and tweaked it by adding support for Core i5 or Core i7 chips, among other things.

Gigabyte NUC

In order to do that, Gigabyte added a few more vents to the case than Intel’s NUC normally has. But that’s not all the company added: The Gigabyte mini PC also features support for USB 3.0, while Intel’s model tops out at USB 2.0.

There are also HDMI input and output ports, an Ethernet jack, and WiFi.

Gigabyte is showing off a prototype, but the final design might look a little different by the time the PC ships in April.

While the company hasn’t yet announced a price, Gigabyte says the mini PC will be priced competitively — at least for an entry level model. With support for up to 8GB of RAM, a Core i7 chip, and a 256GB solid state disk, a top-of-the-line model will probably cost a few bucks more than the $499 Velocity Micro Edge Mini, another mini-desktop based on Intel’s NUC.

  • bork

    Even nicer would be some way of adding an external gpu

    • dineaudio

      It would be nice if there was some standard for external PCI-express connector and VGAs you can connect to it. I wonder how come nobody thought of that.

  • Mike Cane

    Whoa. i7 and USB 3? WANT!

    • Chad Page

      It’s probably just a dual core “i7”

      • Svenny

        There are no Ivy Bridge-based dual core i7

      • Martin

        explain the 2012 macbook air

  • UnOfficiallyDNG

    way too expensive for what it is

    • Brad Linder

      We actually don’t know how much it will cost yet. Are you talking about the Velocity Micro version?

      • UnoficialyDNG

        No, I just like to complain that things are too expensive. It helps keep prices down.

  • Jethro Cullins

    Does this mean we’ll see a version with both Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 and Gigabit ethernet in one unit?

    • DoggieDoo

      Who cares about TB? Overpriced accessories and cables. No thanks!

  • I wonder

    What does the HDMI input port do?

    • Jonathan B. Horen

      Connect to your HDTV; as well, more modern computer monitors also have an HDMI port. With a wireless keyboard/mouse, that La-Z-Boy becomes a throne!

      • Martin

        what are you talking about??????? just cause hdmi in and hdmi out have the same port doesn’t mean they are bi directional. . .

    • Dusan

      Not sure if the author got it correctly… Original DC3217IYE has dual HDMI for two full HD monitors.

  • Jc CyberPine

    When can we expect these? If around $500 and I can get a year of warranty I’ll pick one up because that sounds like the perfect package. I wonder if enough power to host two 2008r2 Server VMs (A prod and Test Web/DB Server) under a Windows 7 Pro host?


    Needs optical/ditigal outputs for audio