Epson introduces 0.48 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel display (for camera viewfinders)

Epson Ultramicron displayThought the iPad’s 264 pixels-per-inch or the Google Nexus 10’s 299 ppi screens were impressive? Epson has just introduced a new display with a whopping 2667 ppi. The only catch? It’s not a tablet, phone or TV screen. Instead it’s a tiny display designed to be used as a camera viewfinder.

Epson’s new screen is a 1024 x 768 pixel 048 inch high-temperature polysilicon TFT color display. Epson says it’s also bright enough to view outdoors, which is important if you plan to use your camera… just about anywhere.

The screen is part of Epson’s Ultramicron line, and feature surface luminance of 520 cd/m2 and the RGB display can show 16.77 million colors.

The company is showing off the display at a trade show in Japan later this month. There’s no word on if or when we’ll see actual cameras with the new Ultramicron screen.

via TechHive

  • digi_owl

    Now to fit that into a HMD.