Deals of the Day (1-31-2013)

Acer Iconia Tab W510

Acer’s Iconia Tab W510 is a Windows 8 tablet with a 10.1 inch display, an Intel Atom Clover Trail processor and 2GB of RAM. It’s not a Windows RT tablet which runs a stripped down version of Microsoft’s latest operating system, but a full Windows 8 device which can run both tablet-friendly apps and traditional Windows software.

Prices normally run about $550 and up, but TigerDirect is currently offering the Iconia W510 for $500. For that price you get a model with 32GB of storage.

There’s also a 64GB mdoel available, but if you’re going that route, you should probably check out Amazon, where you can pick one up for $580, which is a little lower than the price TigerDirect charges.

Note that these prices don’t include the optional keyboard docking station.

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  • Arrdee

    The main reason they even needed to replace the W500 by this is the silly Win8 “super weird widescreen” requirement for Metro sode-by-side tiling. This makes the W510 (and the Surface Pro, etc.) terrible tablets for eReading in portait orientation (the W500 is bad enough).
    I’m no Apple fan, but aspect ratio is one thing they got right on iPads.

    • Arrdee

      Er, “side-by-side.” I hate the inability to edit here, I truly do. Almost as much as Win8.

      • CyberGusa

        Wide screen is not because of Windows but because of Media, everything from Android to Windows tablets offer around 16:9 ratio because of media.

        Even laptops are predominantly using this type of ratio and have been for years!

        The iPad focuses more on documents, magazines, books, etc and for that the around 4:3 ratio is preferable.