Deals of the Day (1-22-2013)

iPod touch 5th generation

Apple’s 5th-generation iPod touch has the same screen as the iPhone 5, a speedy processor, and the ability to run hundreds of thousands of apps and games. Unfortunately it also has a higher starting price than earlier iPod touch models, at $299 and up.

But today you can pick up a new 32GB model for $30 off.

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  • Steve H

    Too late Apple, I’ve moved on already. Lots of other players are glad to take the business you forfeited with this over priced under featured late delivered machine. Couldn’t care less whether you get back in the game anymore.

  • Wayne Beasley

    These ipods are way overpriced. The difference for extra memory is so 2011.

    i just bought a USB 128G key for A$79 delivered. That shows how far memory prices have dropped in the last two years.

    Apple makes a killing on the memory differences: US$100 for 32G –> 64G ipod is so excessive. They do this on iPads too. The wholesale price to them must be about $20 for 64G – more like US$10 difference from the 32G chip.

    Other companies are starting to adjust their memory prices. You see Android devices that are only $50 difference. Still a huge profit but more palatable for the consumer. Apple’s buying power is probably even greater so they should be making heaps still.

    Come on Apple, realign your device prices based on reality or upgrade them to the next level. There are plenty of buyers waiting for a 128G Touch if it was the price of a 64G one.

    There is no reason for any media player to have 16G these days. The price difference in chips for 16 and 32 is next to nothing. If you want to keep the 16G model, ditch the 32 and price the 64 at the current 32G level.

    The iPad mini 16G is a much better piece of tech than a very-close-to-the-price 32G Touch: twice the screen real estate, longer battery life, easier typing, more real world PC-type apps. Not so pocketable.

    I know which represents better overall value…

    And the colour choices… this year’s iPods are the best case to argue for the black and white only options again! The blue is almost bearable. The yellow/gold seems to sit on shelves in the shops. Yuk!!! The (RED) is actually the only decent colour option… and a good cause.