Deals of the Day (1-11-2013)

Acer Iconia W700

The Acer Iconia W700 is an 11.6 inch tablet with an Intel Core i3 Ivy Bridge processor, a 1920 x 1080 pixel display, 4GB of RAM, and a 64GB solid state disk. It runs Windows 8 and while you can use the computer as a tablet, there’s also an optional cradle that lets you use the tablet like a desktop.

While the Iconia W700 has a list price of $800, it often sells for a little less, and today TigerDirect is offering the tablet for $750. Unfortunately the cradle isn’t included in that price.

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  • keee

    i wonder for a long time about preboot keyboard support of those devices.

    this one for example has a Bluetooth keyboard, which i guess will not work for truecrypt/diskcryptor preboot authentication or modifying the bios settings or even hit whatever key to enter bios or recovery or whatever.

    what about the ativ? what’s the interface used to connect it’s keyboard dock to the tablet and does it have preboot support?