Blockbuster launches video rentals for PC, Mac, and Android

After a false start a few years ago, Blockbuster is again offering an Android app which you can use to rent videos on just about any device running Android 2.2 or later, including phones and tablets.

But the new Blockbuster on Demand service doesn’t just stop at Android. There are also apps available for Windows and Mac computers, as well as support for Samsung Smart TVs. BlockBuster On Demand is also coming soon to the Roku 2.

Blockbuster on Demand

Like Netflix, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon, and other services, Blockbuster lets you stream videos over the internet without first downloading them. But unlike some competitors, Blockbuster on Demand is only a video rental service.

There are no options to purchase videos or pay a subscription fee for access to a Netflix-like content library.

Still, the selection seems pretty good, the prices are about what you’d expect (a few bucks per movie), and HD and standard definition streams are available — although HD streams seem to be reserved for TV devices at the moment.

I can’t imaging anyone giving up Netflix or Amazon to use Blockbuster… but when you’re looking for a movie to rent for the night, it’s always nice to have another option.

You can find a list of supported platforms at

via Android Police

  • CampGareth

    “I can’t imaging anyone giving up Netflix or Amazon to use Netflix”

    Neither can I, silly thing to do 😛 (typo)

  • clkeagle

    Wait – they just now launched it? So what has this Blockbuster app that I can’t remove from my Droid Charge been doing for the last year?

    • Brad Linder

      That was an earlier app that was only available on certain Android devices but which wasn’t generally available in the Play Store. The new service is a cross-platform (but not iOS yet) video on demand platform with unified branding for Windows, Mac, Android, and TVs…