Asus brings touch to its biggest ultrabook, the Zenbook U500VZ

Asus recently started adding touchscreens to its Zenbook line of ultrabooks. Now it looks like the largest member of the Zenbook family, the 15.6 inch Zenbook U500VZ is getting the touchscreen… err, touch.

Asus Zenbook U500VZ Touch

Engadget noticed that a new Asus Zenbook Touch U500VZ showed up on the Asus website recently. The notebook measures less than 0.8 inches thick and weighs about 4.8 pounds.

While that’s kind of heavy by ultrabook standards, it’s still pretty light by 15.6 inch notebook standards.

The laptop is available with an Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, 4GB of RAM, and support for both a hard drive and a solid state disk, with support for up to 2 256GB SSDs. The Zenbook U500VZ also features NVIDIA GeFore GT650M graphics.

Models with 1366 x 768 pixel and 1920 x 1080 pixel displays will be available, and the laptop features 3 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, mini VGA, Ethernet, and SD card ports.

The touchscreen is optional, but it only adds 0.3mm of thickness to the laptop.

Asus hasn’t yet announced the price or launch date for the new touchsreen model, but don’t expect it to come cheap. The non-touch version of this laptop currently sells for about $2300.

  • gman

    A confused ecosystem of devices = fail. Amazing how much stock is being put in touch when it’s completely unproven on anything other than tablets and phones.

  • your mum

    this is no news! its on the asus page for month, but every site keeps copying the same bulls**t