Archos reveals the FamilyPad 2, a faster 13 inch Android tablet

The Archos FamilyPad has only been around for about a month, but as expected, Archos is already giving its 13 inch Android tablet a bit of an upgrade. Archos is showing of a new FamilyPad 2 tablet at CES this week, and while it looks a lot like the original, the new model has a faster processor.

Archos FamilyPad 2

While the original FamilyPad shipped with a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor and 8GB of storage, the FamilyPad 2 has a 1.6 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 chip and 16GB of storage.

The rest of the specs are unchanged, including 1GB of RAM and a 13.3 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel display. The tablet runs Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

A 13 inch tablet isn’t as portable as a 7 or 10 inch model, but there’s a reason Archos calls its biggest tablet the FamilyPad. It’s designed to be used around the house and you ca use it to watch videos together with family or friends, prop it up on the kitchen counter to read recipes while you cook, or lay it flat to play a two-player game of air hockey or Monoploy with aother user.

via Android Central

  • nards barley

    So has Archos thrown in the towell on small media players. Wasn’t that how they made their mark initially.

    • Mike Cane

      They seem to have done that quite some time ago. Who is still competing with the iPod and iPod Touch? No one I can see, unless you want to count the bubble-wrapped junk MP3 players you see in chain stores.

      • nards barley

        I thought Samsung was going to provide some competition to the IPOD touch with their Galaxy players, but they are overdue for an upgrade. I suppose if off-contract Android phones get cheap enough someday, it won’t matter.

      • Mike Cane

        Does anyone still carry the Galaxy Players? They’ve had lower-res screens than the iPod Touch’s Retina, so I suppose that accounts for their not selling. Well, that and most people who want Android likely have a better phone than any GP already.

      • nards barley

        Still available on, although some models only through sub-sellers.

        I think the IPOD Retina came out after the Galaxy Player, but even the prior generation IPOD has a better resolution than the GPs.
        Nonetheless, if you consider the DPI of the Galaxy 5.0 that I own is 187dpi, while a Nook Tablet 7in (1024×768) has 169 dpi, it still is a decent display.

      • MiniMax

        This device has the advantage compared to a similar sized notebook that you easily can adjust it to portrait mode. This gives you back those 1280 pixel height long lost in monitors. I therefore would even like the Panasonic 4K display in 20 inch better (but probably insanely pricey.)

  • Mike Cane

    That screen size might seem ridiculous to some, but it’d be very handy when viewing old magazine PDFs from Google Books which tend to have very small type sometimes. They could be pinched out and fill the screen without needing to scroll around. Ah, but is the horsepower there for that with just a dual-core CPU?

  • cj

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  • John Ross

    13 inches is the same size as a “For Dummies” book. If you can carry a book you can handle carrying this.

  • Lepre

    Perfect for pdf reading in full pages. The only one of its kind.
    I’m waiting to see the street price.

  • farruca

    Perfect for reading and storing music, the iPad just does not do it. I am hoping to have one in my guitar case .