Android-powered keyboard, remote and set-top-box turn a TV into a complicated Android media center

Android: It’s not just for phones and tablets anymore. We’re seeing Android in everything from refrigerators to washing machines these days, and sometimes even in devices where the OS makes sense.

A company called Remote Solution is showing off an Android TV box at CES this week, and it’s designed to work with a nifty little touchscreen remote control and wireless keyboard setup.


The remote is basically a tiny tablet with direction buttons and dedicated hardware buttons for a few functions such as power and audio.

But most of the action takes place on the touchscreen, where you can launch apps on your TV, move an on-screen cursor by swiping your finger across a virtual touchpad, use an on-screen keyboard, or enter voice commands using the built-in mike.

The remote also fits into a slot on a full-sized wireless keyboard which you can use for faster text input.

The remote features a 720 MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB of RAM, 2GB of storage, and software running on top of Android 4.0. It has a 3.5 inch, 480 x 320 pixel touchscreen display and support WiFi and Bluetooth and has an IR port so it can be used as a universal remote.

Remote Solution is based in South Korea, and isn’t selling this setup at retail in the US yet, as far as I can tell. Instead, the company appears to be looking for partners to bring the system to market.

  • Herb Taylor

    Now this is something I’d like to have. Makes total sense for a change.

  • Android

    What i am looking for? Sometimes even in devices where the OS makes sense.

  • strider_mt2k

    Neat setup!
    It’s exciting to see all this interesting hardware coming out that’s running Android.

    ‘Should have wiped the screen down before taking photos…
    Microfiber cloths folks! Keep it in a ziploc bag!

  • ron davison

    If it let your kid play games on the remote while you watched football then it would sell like hotcakes!
    not sure why android is important unless standardisation and cost are advantagous.
    Keyboard can be bluetooth, wifi, …
    replace remote unless gaming device functionality is part of device both on remote screen and tv.
    If not add inductive charging station where remote sits. (or allow both to be charged in same spot.) Then cost goes down if phone is used as remote.
    Also synching phone and tv/internet/android home computer is possible.
    Just need to add apps that play on different andriod phones and tablets, dare i say even iphones.

  • ron davison

    Make two versions one with dedicated remote for the plug and play crowd.
    And the other for the App nation.

  • IvanZ

    Interesting additional hardware-based approach presented with several use cases (next to “classic” mouse/touch pad/keyboard) also barcode scanner, for example, is presented in this video:

    The good thing about this one is that for remote computer (or TV) keyboard/mouse this approach does not need any software to be installed. It is sufficient that USB keyboard and/or mouse is supported. Additionally, Android device doesn’t have to be rooted.

    BTW: The video is part of Indiegogo campaign, direct link to it is: